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New iPhone Bike Fitting App – Testrides

There are a bunch of ‘apps’ already that map your rides and keep stats about using the built in GPS and various training diaries and gear calculators, this one is called  “Testrides” and its virtual bike fitting room.

Testrides, developed by a company called Wildlab, uses the phone’s built-in camera to snap a profile photo of the cyclist’s body. With  the photo on the screen, the user taps on the touch-screen to specify their body’s joint positions. The cyclist then can input the geometry specs of a particular bike from either a catalog or the manufacturer’s website to model it. The app puts the two together so that via a “virtual fitting” to decide whether a particular bike, geometry or size works for you.

The Bike Builder deals with seven measurements.

Tyres and Wheelbase
Front(Rear) to Center
Crank and Bottom bracket
Seat and SeatTube
HeadTube, Fork
Head and Stem

iPhone Testrides

For US$ 4.99, the screen shots (shown) provide a comprehensive overview of the basic functionality of Testrides. The Testrides app does not account for drop handlebars or bar height variations though the maker, Wildlab,  clearly communicates that the app is designed for the casual cyclist.

It’s an interesting app though the scenario of a customer in a bike shop, pulling out their iPhone in a bike shop to do a quick fit for a specific bike is hard to imagine.

For details, visit: www.wildlab.com/testrides

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