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Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. with wood and carbon

Aerlite S.B.S. is top of the line in the new 2010 road collection and features a new thermoformed wooden arch support from assembly WLI (Wood Lasting Insole), a pre-cious characteristic that gives it superior performance. Northwave integrate wood layers with carbon in the sole of the Aerlite S.B.S for flexibility, vibration dampening and water/sweat dispersion.

The layers of wood are treated with special bonding agents to protect the foot from ex-ternal agents like water and perspiration. The structure is broken down into two sections: a more flexible part that adapts to the foot’s shape, and a stiffer core to make power transmission more effective. WLI helps dampen the vibrations transmitted by the pedal and isolates the foot from any possible overheating of the sole.

The 5 layer carbon sole, maximum stiffness and minimum thickness, is characterised by the special Air Flow System with front conveyor and ventilation channel next to the pedal en-gagement. New interchangeable front and rear protective heels are made of ultra-grip material.

The S.B.S. closing system (Step By Step) guarantees perfect closure of the shoe and fast adjusting options during the ride.

Moreover, the new Ankle Strap Regulation 2 system provides the best comfort and most support. The front ankle padding can be adjusted and fixed by sliding the adjustable part downwards.

–    5 layer carbon sole
–    Wooden arch support for assembly
–    Microfiber upper with large mesh inserts
–    Aerator System with front, side and rear vents
–    Patented closing system (S.B.S.) and 2 Velcro straps
–    Ankle strap with ASR2 system
–    Anatomic footbed
–    Anatomic ultra Y heel
–    Size: 39 – 48 (half size 39,5 – 45,5)
–    Colours: white/silver – black – red/white/black

Northwave shoes and clothing are distributed in Australia by Orbea.

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