Sigma Sport 2009/2010 Cycle Computer range

Sigma Sport have released their new range of bike computers, with larger displays, a multitude of different functions, new improved navigation through the menus and a new wireless system.


The versatile computer for ambitious bikers
The PC compatible bike computer BC 1609 from SIGMA SPORT is available on the market with cable or in the wireless model BC 1609 STS or as a complete set with wireless cadence transmitter BC 1609 STS CAD. With the aid of the SIGMA DATA CENTER 2.0 software, the training parameters can be optimally read out and evaluated on a private PC. Equipped with a multitude of functions and setting possibilities, this bike computer is designed for ambitious competition riders.

Sigma BC 1609 STS

The areas this device can be used is just as versatile as its functions: whether racing bike, trekking, touring or mountain bike every training target can be reached with the BC 1609. In addition to the general functions such as language selection, backlighting, battery low indicator, two wheel sizes which can be adjusted, and data storage when battery is changed, SIGMA SPORT has equipped this bike computer with many further features.

There are three displays for the biker to read off; current speed, average speed and maximum speed. In addition this model has the functions trip distance and total distance for bike 1 and bike 2 as well as a programmable trip section counter for stages. The second wheel size is only displayed after the second bike has been used, which greatly increases ease of use and clarity of the values. This also holds true when the optional cadence transmitter is not in use. In this case, in a clever solution, the BC 1609 automatically masks the functions after five minutes. The temperature display, which informs the biker of the current value at any time, is new.

The multiple bike functions are rounded off by seven time functions. The BC 1609 shows – on the well-arranged easily readable display – the trip time, time of day, as well as the total trip time for bikes 1 and 2 and also the sum total values of both bikes. A stopwatch as well as a programmable timer complete the time parameters.

The training companion for a Cyclist
The BC 1909 HR wireless model combines excellent, sophisticated design with many ECG-precise heart rate functions as well as bike and time features and a cadence display. These features make the bike computer the perfect companion for all training trips.

Sigma BC 1909

A multitude of functions are available to ambitious bikers and to all those who are working toward that goal. Due to the heart rate functions and the possibility of setting your individual target values as well as display of calories burnt, the BC 1909 HR focuses on training according to heart rate values. On the “overhauled” and easily readable display the biker can see his/her current heart rate, the average as well as the maximum heart rate – and all that as exactly as on an ECG. By means of a visual signal in the form of arrows he/she is made aware of exceeding or falling behind target values and can therefore adjust and optimise the training.

The BC 1909 HR is also cadence compatible. It is especially noteworthy that the cadence transmitter is included in delivery. Therefore measurement of current cadence as well as average cadence is possible. These values can then later easily be read out and evaluated at home on a PC thanks to the optional docking station and the SIGMA DATA CENTER 2.0 software. This is also valid for the mentioned heart rate values and the other training parameters such as speed for instance.

In addition to current speed the speed transmitter provides information about average and maximum speed. SIGMA SPORT was able to increase the range of the STS speed transmissions to 90 cm. For all those who prefer the cabled version, SIGMA SPORT offers for the first time an optional retro-fit cable holder. This was implemented due to the wishes of specialist stores and the end users.

Of course tried and true functions such as the masking of total values during the trip, the lighting function, data storage during battery change, five time functions and menu navigation were retained.

The BC 1909 HR is rounded off by a new battery of the type CR 2450, 3V which now provides 3 times the capacity and therefore longer fun when biking. When the battery condition display of the transmitter or the computer head gives the signal that one or other of the batteries is coming to the end of its capacity it can then be changed in time.

The classic, which makes you want more
The BC 509 is a rookie in the Sigma range, in addition to its design and five features and it will be a decent price.

Oriented towards the requirements of families and children, city bikers, commuters and weekend warriors this classic model distinguishes itself among other things by its simple menu navigation and manageable number of functions. The optimised operation guarantees easy setting of the computer. Changing to automatic function cycle, whereby all functions are displayed one after the other, is possible at all times. The parameters can be easily read and are shown well set out on the enlarged display.

Thanks to self-explanatory pictograms of the individual functions, the user rapidly learns operation of the computer. It doesn’t matter whether for a trip at the weekend, a trip to the beer garden or to go shopping: The BC 509 provides the most important features such as current speed, trip distance and total distance as well as riding time.

The Smart One
The Smart One combines basic functions of a classic bike computer, three further speed values plus total riding time.

The large, new display – framed by the stylish and classy-looking black housing – presents all the training parameters clearly and well-organised. Basic functions are values such as current speed, average speed and maximum speed as well as trip distance. These bike functions are complemented by the comparison of current speed and average speed. In addition there are the usual time functions and the optimised operation design of the new TOPLINE 2009 range. In addition to trip time the biker is also provided with the time of day in a choice of 12 or 24 hour clock as well as the total riding time.

For all of you who prefer wireless transmission, the BC 1009 is also available without cable in the model BC 1009 STS. In this model the training values are measured by the new data transmission system STS (SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM) which, due to its digital coding and three frequency channels, is absolutely stable. With the aid of an optional docking station as well as the SIGMA DATA CENTER 2.0 software both the BC 1009 and the BC 1009 STS can be connected to a PC, set up and read out.

The mountain specialist for altitude lovers
The BC 2209 MHR is the top of the 2009 range.

A multitude of functions is framed by the stylish black housing with its large and clearly-structured four line display. In addition to the tried and tested time and bike features typical of SIGMA SPORT, the bike computer also boasts an altimeter, ECG-exact heart rate functions and a thermometer. Thanks to the wristband included in delivery the BC 2209 MHR can also be used as a hiking computer.

All those of you who are at home in the mountains – whether on a racing bike or a mountain bike – will find a faithful and reliable companion in the BC 2209 MHR. But bikers can also be pleased about their results within the comfort of their own four walls. By means of the optional docking station the tour data can be transferred from the PC compatible bike computer to the private processor and thanks to the SIGMA DATA CENTER 2.0 be read out and evaluated there.

And that is a lot of data: With one glance at the display the ambitious biker is well informed about his/her current altitude, speed and heart rate. One further function can be selected to be displayed e.g. current cadence. Thanks to the cadence transmitter included in delivery average cadence can be displayed in addition to current cadence. As far as velocity is concerned alpine bikers are provided with the functions current speed, average speed and maximum speed. Data is recorded wirelessly with a range of up to 90 cm or per cable with the optional retrofit cable holder. Over and above all that, the range of the cadence transmitter has been increased to 110 cm and that of the heart rate transmitter to 100 cm.

The large, four line display is designed to be well-organised and easily readable. The biker can also rely on the tried and tested simple operation and German menu navigation. The detailed function text display is a further feature which distinguishes this user-friendly device.
One of the ease of use functions is that the last altitude displayed from the day before is resumed on the following day. This means that current altitude does not have to be reprogrammed and has proved advantageous on trips of several days with changeable weather.

In addition three alternatives are available for setting altitude. Start altitude: By pressing two keys the bike computer can be set to a preset start altitude e.g. home. Current altitude can also be set by hand or by entering the air pressure value at sea level (NN). The BC 2209 MHR then automatically calculates the current altitude.

The BC 2209 MHR also features a standby mode so that no power is unnecessarily wasted on altitude when not in motion. The automatic start/stop function guarantees that the bike computer activates automatically when the bike is moved.

As a supplementary benefit SIGMA SPORT provides all hikers a hiker mode whereby altitude, heart rate and temperature are measured on tours without a bike. Thanks to the wristband included in delivery the BC 2209 MHR can also be used as a wristwatch. In this case the hiking mode is automatically activated.

The BC 2209 MHR is rounded off with the new CR 2450, 3 V battery included in delivery which provides capacity of 3 times more than the type 2032.

Sigma Sport Cycle Computers are distributed in Australia by Pulse Sport and Bike Corp

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