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New Hed Corsair Aerobar

Which aero bars are the best? Which aero bars are the fastest? Which aero bars are the coolest? The new Hed Corsair Aerobar meets our criteria.

The Hed Corsair has received some aerodynamics tweaks from Steve Hed’s deep grounding in cycling aerodynamics, one that comes from 25 successful years of designing and building the fastest wheels in the world.

Naturally the Corsair has the adjustability to get every rider to optimum fit.  As with the three previous iterations of Hed’s aero bar, the Corsair is lighter (585g), stiffer (6% less flex at a 100lb load), and more refined (more comfortable armrests, stronger alloy hardware).

The Hed Aerobar has carbon integrated brake levers with a return spring into a Lazy S, traditional or S bend bar.  The Hed Carsair only weights in at 630g with a base bar width from centre to entre 42cm. The base bar is available in flat or 84mm drop.

To keep you aero and powerful, the extensions and armrests are adjustable in all planes. Directional layup of the carbon fiber helps absorb vibration for ride comfort and control.

The Hed Corsiar Aerobar has super cool paint and it’s UCI legal with a 3:1 aspect ratio.

it’s not cheap at $990

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