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RideOut Carbon and Bamboo Saddle offers Relief

The Rideout technologies Carbon Comfort saddle offers relief for men and women who suffer extreme discomfort and health problems when riding.

In June this year, we published details on two American doctors on a PR tour to present their whitepaper on cycling health – a cover for new range of Specialized BG Fit gear. (Article Here). The current trend in saddle design is the ‘split in the middle’ for cyclists who need perennial relief, not to mention that some saddle brands sold their wares a century ago offering health relief (such as Brookes).

At this years Interbike, a company called Rideout Technologies presented their ‘winged’ saddle called “Carbon Comfort” which integrates Carbon Fibre and Bamboo as their solution for a more comfortable and healthy saddle. The central idea is preventing nerve damage (that can cause problems for both men and women) by supporting the “sit bones” (ischium of your pelvic girdle) and as such relieving pressure in the perennial region.

Bamboo Saddle?
I am certain that when you read “Bamboo” you are thinking of some structural part. An exotic notion, the reality however is much more practical – the properties of bamboo fibre work best as part of the seat cover material.

There are four parts to the saddle:
– Carbon Fibre base to the saddle for shock absorbtion
– Thermo moulded composite material to match the body anatomy
– Silicon directly under the ‘sit bones’
– Seat cover made of bamboo fibre and is breathable, anti-microbial and releases moisture

The ‘wings’ flex significantly and moulds to the riders backside, while the padded seat is comfortable, the bulk of the weight is supported on the ‘sit bones’ so that nerves and veins are free from pressure. The flex also acts as a shock absorber.

While the press release was somewhat over the top with marketing bla bla, for image and performance conscious cyclists, (company internal) lab testing of the 300 gram saddle showed that the ‘efficiency’ is identical with racing saddle.

The saddle is made in the US and is quite new – so no large scale distribution channel. Enquiries can be directed to RideOut Technologies: www.rideouttech.com (email info@rideouttech.com)

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