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Review: Sportique health creams and ointments

What’s worse than having riding rash? Or having dry cracked lips from hours out in the sun riding? We took a look at a range of products from Sportique.

Firstly I like the fact that Sportique products are made from all natural ingredients including moisturizing oils and nut butters. All their products meet Australian hypoallergenic, microbiological and effectiveness laws and regulations. And no animals are tested upon, other than athletes!

After a solid week of riding and a hill climb sprint my legs told me they were in need of some attention so I took use of Sportiques Cooling Massage Cream. The Cooling Massage Cream contains anti-inflammatory and emollient Shea butter, Jojoba, Apricot and Soy bean oils to help alleviate some of the fatigue in the muscle. To help cool the muscle down the cream contains peppermint, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, and pine oils to speed recuperation of the muscle.

Did it work? Over two days I applied the cream and massaged me calf muscles, after application my calf certainly felt cooler and relaxed my muscle and with the aid of a compression garment with the use of the Cooling Massage Cream seemed to aid my recovery. That being said, I can’t give an general scientifically sound recommendation that it will work for everyone so it would have to be tried first, though has good chances.

Typically the first few k’s of any ride are the toughest with the legs being cold and the blood not yet circulating so I also tested out the Get Going Cream, a warming cream designed to invigorate your muscles increase blood circulation and get you ready for your ride.  After a quick massage of the quads and calf’s my legs did feel a warmer and it took less time to get into a rhythm and warm up.

One of my friends has given up Latte’s….to most lycra wearing euro riders coffee is an essential part of the after ride. Sportique have a range of lip balms available including the Lip Balm Caffe Latte Energy. The Lip Balm Caffe Latte contains coffee and green tea, natural oils and butters. Does it smell and taste like a latte? Well it does, maybe not as satisfying for the coffee lovers amongst us but it will protect you from dry, chapped lips and sun burn.

Have you ever had chaffing? It hurts and burns and doesn’t look attractive. I have used several different chaffing creams and found them all to work well. Sportiques Century Riding Cream works perfectly, feeling cool to the skin and doesn’t become tactile and sticky and importantly prevents uncomfortable irritations.  Century Riding Cream contains silicons which creates an anti frictionless cream to prevent chaffing. You apply generously to all possible friction points and don’t be shy!

Sportique have a range of other balms and creams available including Elements Cream protecting your face against the sun, wind, rain or icy cold air. Road Rash Balm keeping your minor cuts and abrasions free from infection. Massage She Butter, a massaging balm with shea butter to penetrate and energise your muscles prior to riding.

Whatever massages treatment cream or massage oil or skin care product you need to keep your body in good working order without the uncomfortable and unsightly chaffing or to recover from a tough ride then you might take a look at Sportiques products.

Sportique don’t yet list a distributer for Australia however are well represented in the US and UK – for details on retailers and on the products, take a look online: sportiquebodycare.com

Rowena Scott
Rowena Scotthttp://www.sheridescycling.com.au
is a Melbourne based road cyclist and covers women's interests in cycling, you can view her website at www.sheridescycling.com.au
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