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helt-pro beanie helmets with magnetic latch

The German made helt-pro helmets found their footing with snow sports. While helmets are not required on the ski slops (except for children in some European countries), snowboarders jump at the chance for the stylish head protection that also keeps the head warm.

The cross over to cycling is easier than you may think. While Lance Armstrong and Co. certainly wont be sporting a beanie helmet during this years Tour de France, the helmet would appeal to a different group of cyclists such as commuters, and style conscious BMXers, fixie riders and messengers.

Coming from winter sports, this is a cool weather helmet and the outer wool cover and inner padding that cover the ears will make you sweat in summer – though in winter, it is an easy all-in-one helmet. The removable inner/outer cover includes padding and can be removed from the hardshell for washing. There are plans for a summer version.

Helt Pro magnetic latch

One of the highlights is the magnetic latch, which I am told is a world first. A very clever idea means that when the two parts of the latch are placed close to one another, the magnet pull it together. No fear – the two parts of the latch are then mechanically locked and a release needs to be pressed to unlock.

Depending on the style, the helmets cost between (Aussie) $120 and $180 when ordering direct. There is no Australian distributer yet. Details from www.helt-pro.com

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