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Review: Icebreaker GT 150 SS Velocity Zip

The GT 150 comes from Icebreaker in New Zealand which make functional clothing, both as casual wear and performance clothing. Lets take a look at the SS Velocity Zip.

The Icebreaker GT 150 is intended for warm weather use either as a stand-alone single layer or as a layer with shell and mid-layer garments. This short sleeve shirt has been made from the finest ultra alight material for your comfort whether that’s riding or running the trails. It scores highly for styling and comfort.

The design of the GT 150 is cool and functional with a close fitted sporty look. The GT150 ultrafine merino wool construction combined with lycra is the ultimate in sports shirts.

You feel safe wearing the new GT with reflective front zippers and graphics to be seen at dusk or after dark. The half zip performs well up to the neck and gives you the option of unzipping to keep you even cooler.

The GT is easy to ear with eyelet panels for increased venting, flatlock seams so they don’t irritate your skin. The GT keeps you cool and comfortable, and wicks moisture away from you to keep you dry.  Merino works by holding moisture away from the skin and can absorb more wetness than synthetic materials. The back panel and under the arms are an eyelet fabric that allows for more breathability to keep you cool and so you don’t stink after a ride or run.

I love the close fitted feel of the GT150, and the sports look.  It felt incredibly comfortable to wear, with the merino being nice and soft against your skin the lycra giving it a little stretch.  The one down side was the sizing was a little off, I wear a XL and I could have worn a L.

So what’s my recommendation? The merino wool combined with lycra felt light to wear and, keeps you cool without stinking thanks to the venting and gussets.  With the flat seams and sleek fit it’s a very good looking shirt. If you’re thinking about wearing it in winter then you may want to wear a jersey over the top. But if you’re after a super cool shirt for riding or running then you may want to take a look at the Icebreaker GT 150.

Find out more on www.icebreaker.com

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