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Sisters of Spin… Hallelujah Socks!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I LOVE SOCKS. The feeling of putting on a brand new pair of socks has got to be the best thing ever… okay perhaps not THE best, but it’s coming in a close second.

I received a pair of socks from online clothing label Apr?s V?lo and they are my definition of perfect, they have a little bit of extra fabric at the back, that makes them a bit higher than your usual ankle sock, my foot tends to rub against my runners and some other shoes a fair bit, I was surprised when I saw this? and delighted.

Performance wise these socks feel good in cycling shoes and runners, they’re not tight at the ankle and they don’t go too far up your leg either, they absorb sweat well, the fabric in this sock unlike some bounces back well which means the sock wont slip back into your shoe, you’ll need to wear them a few hundred times before that happens.

The top of the foot of the sock is a lot more breathable than the bottom as expected and the fabric is great, the socks are pink, white and black, they’ve got the words, “Sisters of Spin,” written on them and I’m looking forward to pay day.

I have washed these socks every night for a week and they’ve come out as good as new each time… have some faith ladies, for only $19.95 AUD these socks are worth the postage!

I was about ready to go join a gospel choir when I realise these socks already have the word ‘Hallelujah’ on them.

Aprés Vèlo gear is available online and you will find a range of casual and cycling wear: www.apresvelo.com

Rowena Scott
Rowena Scotthttp://www.sheridescycling.com.au
is a Melbourne based road cyclist and covers women's interests in cycling, you can view her website at www.sheridescycling.com.au
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