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Women’s Giro d’Italia: Kirsty Broun

Kirsty Broun (30) is a jack of all trades, cyclist and lawyer, the Tasmanian born athlete continues to go from strength to strength. She returned to cycling at the age of 26 after 8 years away from the sport and she held the title of Queensland’s Road Cyclist of the Year in 2009.

Her specialty is sprinting and the flat one-day races are her forte. Kirsty will be joining the Australian Women’s Road Cycling Team at the Giro d’Italia.

Kirsty took time to answer questions by Rowena Scott for Bicycles Network Australia (BNA).

BNA: Can you tell us your nickname?


BNA: How old where you when you started riding seriously?

26 years old

BNA: What’s your riding style?

Road Sprinter

BNA: Do you have a favourite race?

Flat one-day stage races

BNA: What’s your best placing?

4th in World Cup 2009, Nurnberg Germany

BNA: Undulations, mountains or the flat, if you could only do one which would you choose?


BNA: Do you have a pre-race song?

Any trance/dance music.

BNA: What’s or who is your inspiration?

Ina Teutenberg

BNA: What’s your most embarrassing moment on the bike?

Falling off at traffic lights.

BNA: How much coffee do you think you consume?

One to three cups a day.

BNA: What are the worst and the best things about training?  

Worst thing about training: Up until I received personal sponsorship from Selle SMP saddles, the worst thing about training was how uncomfortable my bicycle seat was on long training rides.  Now that I have a Selle SMP this is no longer a problem though.  They are fantastic seats and solve all women’s nightmares about riding.  

Best thing about training: the feeling you get from riding around in the countryside, seeing the beautiful sights and experiencing the world from a cycling perspective. It is also very rewarding when you complete a hard training session and feel exhilarated from the experience.

Kirsty Broun Gelderland

BNA: Best place in the world to be a cyclist?


BNA: What would you like to see change in women’s cycling in Australia and/or over the world? 

More social awareness of women in cycling and general public acceptance of cyclists on the roads.

BNA: What’s the best thing about being an Australian Athlete? 

Representing your country and flying the Australian flag with honour and pride.  It’s great to be an Australian and there is nothing more honourable than to represent your country in the sport that you love doing. 

You can keep in touch with Kirsty Broun on her facebook page.
We wish Kirsty the best of luck for the Giro d’Italia and her future goals.

Rowena Scott
Rowena Scotthttp://www.sheridescycling.com.au
is a Melbourne based road cyclist and covers women's interests in cycling, you can view her website at www.sheridescycling.com.au
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