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Cadels BMC Impec (video)

The aesthetic rear seat stay and seat tube connection (lug) on Cadels yellow BMC bike in Stage 9 really caught my eye. BMC have already utilised unique lugs on their racemaster, but this is different. The BMC Impec (think impeccable) has been released and features two new technologies:

LSW: Load Specific Weave
Using equiptment that BMC have developed themselve, they weave the carbon fibre tubes to specification and effectively can control all of the properties of each tube. To see how it works, the video below demonstrates.

SNC: Shell Node Concept
These are the chunky lugs and are injection moulded carbon composite joints. The new Shimano Dura-Ace pedals (June 2010) use an injection moulded carbon composite base so this is certainly a top trend to follow.

Cadel Evans was involved in the developmet of the bike and both Cadel and George Hincapie are using the BMC Impec as their team bike.

Pics at BMC Facebook

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