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Danish urban cycling guru speaks in Melbourne

This year’s State of Design Festival in Victoria will feature Mikael Colville-Andersen – Denmark’s Bicycle Ambassador – speaking about how cities can and should re-establish the bicycle as a respected form of transport.

Mikael Colville-Andersen is known as Denmark’s Bicycle Ambassador and lectures around the world.

“If you give your citizens the opportunity to ride, by providing separated bike lanes and facilities, they will ride,” he said on his cycling blog. He uses Copenhagen, renowned for being the world’s most bicycle friendly city as his case study. “If you help present cycling as easy and fast and accessible, branding it as an acceptable form of transport, they will ride. Less focus on safety – people aren’t stupid – more focus on the benefits of cycling – personal and societal – and you are planting the seeds of bicycle culture.”
Following Mr Colville-Andersen’s presentation, the Melbourne Cycling

Forum will take place featuring expert commentators who will explore the possibilities for redefining our cycling landscape with a focus on city cycling – to and from work – presenting it as a viable and sustainable mode of transport.

The speech will be held on Saturday 24 July and is part of the Design for Everyone state festival in Victoria. Tickets cost $22 and can be booked online: www.stateofdesign.com.au/tickets

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