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Review: Custom DT Swiss road wheel build

Most of us have one set of wheels to train on, ride on and race with. So you want to get the best out of your wheels, the lightest, strongest, aerodynamic wheel you can for the dollar. Not everyone can afford a set of Zipp 4040 wheels.

These wheels were custom built, the setup is DT Swiss 240s hubs, DT Revolution spokes, DT R1.2 rims a 30mm deep semi-aero rim, Michelin Pro Race III tires and latex tubes. The wheelset weighs in at 1450g. My previous wheels were Mavic Ksyriums and the difference is noticeable, the Ksyriums being stiffer, and the DT Swiss are lighter. Note that the RR 585 was formerly the RR 1.2, it’s the same rim with a new name.

The rims can be built up with 20, 24, 28, or 32 hole count. With a 30mm deep and 19.5m wide rim. The 30mm cross-section height means you can have the wheels built with a lower spoke count without compromising durability. If they go out of true, you break a spoke, or you crash hard enough to bend a rim, they can be fixed relatively cheaply.

DT Swiss RR 1.2

These are great race wheels with no real disadvantage to more expensive carbon sets. The DT Swiss isn’t as aero as a set of Zipp carbons, but you don’t get dropped because of your wheels!!

I have ridden these wheels over 2500kms, from social rides, training and racing, sprinting, hill climbing and time trialling and they have performed flawlessly.

They ride beautifully and stiff enough to be responsive and when you put the power out the power transfer is immediate. They absorb rough surfaces well so even in awful conditions and a rough road they roll absorb the shock. I rode them through some tough climbs and sprints without any noticeable flex. The 30mm deep rim gives you an aerodynamic advantage over other wheelsets.

DT Swiss wheels are comfortable and reliable on harsh surfaces, even on cobbles, fast on bitumen and perfect for rolling along in a club ride.

The DT Swiss rims are stable under you sprinting, climbing or even trim trialling, the aero advantage might save you a second or two over 20ks, are light compared against a set of Mavic Kysiriums, have a consistent weld joint, stay true and look great.

As aluminium alloy rims, there are none of the breaking concerns as with carbon rims – with decent brake pads expect you can expect reliable and solid braking!

If you don’t want to spend $3000 on a set of purpose built wheels then you couldn’t go past looking at a set of DT Swiss wheels. Mavic wheels sets and other machine built wheelsets don’t have the quality wheel build as a pair of DT Swiss. DT has a smooth even weld joint which looks nice.

Something that was noticeable was they are comparatively noisy, competitors might hear you coming, especially when you get out of the saddle sprinting.

This set of wheels balances out technology and durability transformed into a stylish, fast and robust training or racing wheel set. I love these wheels and would suggest these to anyone looking for an all around/race/club/climbing rides.

Supplier Dirt Works www.dirtworks.com.au

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