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Eurobike Day 1 – photos and insights

12 Massive Halls plus a completely full arena – Eurobike 2010 is jam packed, these are first photos and impressions from Day 1 of the worlds biggest bike show. A show so big, it is hard to walk a metre without having to walk around another person or dodge a bike or display.

At the bottom of Germany on Lake Constance and within driving distance of both Austria and Switzerland is Friedrichshafen – famous for the Zepplin, this relatively tiny and peaceful city has been overrun by international cycling trade and retail off to Eurobike, 12 massive halls, set in the middle of apple orchard and fields with hops.

Walking in at 8:30, many stands still had vacuum cleaners running and some were unmanned and not set-up – most likely exhibitors caught in the traffic jams. When entering this show, it is wise to keep your eyes on the floor and your feet walking directly to your goal, for fear of being distracted every few seconds on your way by… hmm, let me take a look at that.

Here is a selection of the most interesting products from Eurobike after day 1.

From the Eurobike Award presentation, the Aussie Knog also featured as an award winner.

Trend: The eighties are back on bike

San Marco

Perforated leather saddles from San Marco – based on old discontinued models and re-released for 2011. These are the Concor series with carbon steel rail.

Assos are currently releasing their new winter gear – though out of season for Australian. A revival of old Assos jerseys is also in th emaking, the kit includes the jersey, cap and socks.

Loud and Clear

The German ABUS lock company have been big on bicycle security for years. The Bordo Locks are a convenient solution for frequent riders and new colours and style offers this trusted product more flare – so much so that it won a Eurobike award today.

Brooks have released their popular colt saddles in a range of colours, and matching bar tape to satisfy the style freaks.

A special limited edition (and hard to get) Brooks Team Pro saddle (500) with embossed pattern and Vans Vault shoes (1000) . So special that the die for the pattern was destroyed afterwards.

Cinelli do massive business with their bar tape – no wonder, it is a must to have and can do wonders for even the most rickety old ride.

The MASH art projects are popular, the Gazzetta della Strada relaxes the classic track geometry to make it nice for road riding.

The Lezyne floor pump is a lighter more portable Travel Floor Drive, a sleek design and handy for the back of the car and topping up the tire pressure before a race.

A Pinarello can usually only be described as loud, and whether or not it is your style, the Graal (Carbon 60HM1k) Monocoque bike with Di2 (battery in the chainstay) is an eye turner.

The Swedish company POC are into Helmets and Armor. The helmets and body protection for the downhill and .. more injury prone mountain bikers are state of the art.

Peaks for (skate style) urban, dirt, street and ramp bikers are a real trend. tsg (Switzerland) are also introducing a flexible inner foam shell that better adapts to the individual riders head shape.

TRP brakes (from the Tektro family) are a unique design and fit behind the front fork, flush for a more aerodynamic performance. The brand expects it will be a hit for Triathletes and Time Trialists and there are already plans for brands to include them standard on their 2012 models.

Attention to detail

The BMC Impec was understandably attracting a lot of attention. BMC produce the carbon tubing themself with each part weaved for best tension and compression performance. The Shell Note Concept, lug system providing a softer ride and are a composite that include carbon fibre in the mix-up.

Selle Royal reintroduce the Respiro concept, a comfort style saddle with an air intake under the nose – and directs the air to the saddle area for extra cooling.

Brooks Selected means un-died leather selected from cows fed only on organic feed, a step towards more responsible products.

Matthew Lloyd rides one for team Omega Pharma-Lotto, though the average Aussie rider still can’t buy one. Cadel Evans helped introduce the name “Canyon” into the vocabulary of the average pro racing fan, though Canyon will not be available in Australia in the forseeable future (due to technicalities, the ability to support customers and fulfill warranty obligations – as a mail order bike brand based in Germany). A closer look however reveal why Canyon are a sales hit in other countries.

The Look 595 with stunning details such as the headset and stem.

A common theme of placing the Di2 batter under the chain stay, such as on the Obea Orca GDi2 – a frame two years in the making.

Rotor 3D
also now offers the BB30 format for their popular crank and Q-Rings

Fluro is the new direction from Rudy Project with their “Racing Pro” eye wear and Sterling helmet.

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