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Eurobike Day 3 – photos and insights

The final trade day of Eurobike 2010 was buzzing. Many visitors has planned only half the day for meeting at the most to enjoy to to wander through the stands. When the concentration level were down, there was a dirt jump course and riders to watch, perhaps a few rounds on one of the many electric bicycles – or unusual contraptions such as step bicycles or all manner of recumbents. Beer was flowing, pretzels were plentiful and the sun was out.

Here are highlights from day three, the final trade day. Saturday will be chaos – public day and the exhibitor will party hard on Friday night at the famous Eurobike party before bracing themselves for Saturday’s onslaught.

The Joys of Road Biking

3T is no longer The New 3T, though remain innovative with the stunning Meta crank, unsymetrical crank arm designs and very attractive.

Raised and lowered stems is a newer trend, as seen from 3T. Setting the angle is easy and also very stable allowing each rider to fine tune for perfect riding position and ergonomics.

The Look 595 replacement is the 695 with a ‘geniune’ carbon fibre monocoque construction and the E-Post seat post (dampening), C-Stem that is available in a variety of lengths (to fit riders preferences) and the ability to raise and lower the stem. This features the new HSC 7 fork and the ZED2 single piece carbon crankset.

Close up of the Look C-Stem on the 695

The Cervélo R5ca weighs well under UCI weight regulations. This was developed and built in California and ridden by Brett Lancaster for the Cervélo TestTeam in the Tour of California (with over 1kg extra balast to increase the weight to be UCI conform). Production is estimated at 300 bikes per year – the key advantage is the trickle down effect of technology into the R3 and R5.

Each Passoni bike is custom built by hand. After riders measurements are recorded and delivered to Passoni – a geometry suggestion is made. The retail shops then sets the rider up on on a Size Cycle (bicycle emulator) to confirm or improve the cyclists position. On completion, Passoni takes the data and creates the riders bicycle to specification in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The Viner Titan Carbon is, as the name suggests, a mixed titanium tubing and Carbon Fibre frame – and a very well regarded brand.

The Taiwanese brand Tange (est. 1920) supply tubing and lugs. This demonstration Yasujiro bicycle featured an amazing headset – the pattern created with chemical etching.

De Rose joins the trend also seen on Pinarello with ‘sparkles’ in their paintwork.

Schwalbe’s new racing tire, the Ultrema ZX has reduced rolling resistance and increased puncture resistance and milage.

Two time Hawaii Iron Man winner Craig Alexander (Australian) has his PRO Time Trial aluminium extenders set up to perfection with a distinct upward rise .

Look out for Cube next year in Australia. Cube are extremely strong in Europe with mountain bikes and road bikes. This is the Cube Streamer – entry to mid range road bike.

The new Cratoni Time Trial helmet with a fitting system for fine tuning the fit of the helmet up and down as well as to the sides of the head.

E-Bikes are a massive trend in Europe, many accessory companies are developing for this market – Cratoni presented the e-bike specific helmet with visor and inbuilt rear light.

The women’s Selle SMP Dynamic CRB saddle is identical to the mens except for the colours – this size/form is popular for performance athletes. The Carbon rails are wrapped in an extremely thin steel that protects the rails.

Mountain biking in Style

Spot the weld! You can’t because the Crank Brothers are serious about quality and design. Many wheel makers use stickers to brand their rims whereas Crank Brothers make their branding permanent and aethetic.

The new Crank Brothers stem includes unique locking system against the steerer tube as well and locking mechanism for the handbars.

Tom from Syncros shows of the 29er version of the new FL – F?ing Light – fork. The steerer and crown is one piece and the result is an ultra light rigid fork

The locking system of the new Syncros stem is angled and rather than being a two piece front / back lock for the handlebars, the forged aluminium stem closes around the complete surface of the handlebar for a better ‘lock’.

The cult German Mountain Bikes from Liteville and due to hit the shores of Australia soon (distributer EightyOneSpices). Syntace, Formula and the highly desirable Tune brands will also be represented locally.

Being an individual

The Electra Bicycle Company offers all the colours and combinations of the rainbow.

No more helmet arguments. The Danish Yakkay don’t manufacture helmets, they manufacture style – and there is plenty of it to suit all tastes.

The pear formed Yakkay helmet lock with integrated bag hangs of the the seat rail when riding. When you lock your bike up? out with the bag, in with the helmet,  the lock passes through loops in the bag and the helmet strap – making sure that you can leave your helmet with your bike and return later to find it still there.

Surly understand that cycling is a lifestyle – and if you choose this lifestyle, then this is the bike trailer that suits and will keep you mobile, whether you need to carry your sound system or 8 cases of beer.

the” looks after downhill mountain bikers and dirt jump riders. For their range of helmets is a form fitting bag.

That wraps up Eurobike 2010 for me. Every time I visit, the godfather of mountain biking, Gary Fisher crosses my path and wants a photo with me. Gary is always a curious and friendly visitor at each Eurobike.

Christopher Jones
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