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Knog have fun with bike security

Bright colours, silicon and fun. Definitely Knog. Though security is a serious topic – and they havn’t forgotten that either. Presented at Eurobike, Knog have released a complete series of locks that incorporate functionality, just like any other lock – though with more flare than the others. Security is almost cool.

At Eurobike I was prompted by Knog to uses heavy duty bolt cutters on a competitors lock and then on the comparable Knog version. The typical thief isn’t walking around with these type of bolt cutters – 1 metre arms for plenty of leverage. Cutting both locks did require strength though was less an act of brute force, rather patience to cut through the metal strands and get the right angles, it needed time.

The Knog version has ‘fibre core’, a loop of chord in the middle that makes it tougher for bolt cutters to get through that last little bit – it needs more time than a lock with just steel cables. Yes, just like any lock it can be broken – though for a thief, it becomes fiddly, that is what a thief doesn’t want.

This demonstrates that Knog are not neglecting security – rather taking this onboard and giving bike locks a good dose of Knog. Each lock satisfies different requirements, from a quick stop to get a takeaway coffee to a full strength Ulock stopover. If you don’t know what lock you need – or even how best to secure your pride and joy – read up on this BNA forum article for preventing theft.

Lets take a look at the new Knog locks on offer.

Knog Milkman Lock

Knog Milkman – small and compact lock with retractable cable, good for the cafe rider – the bike is in view, and it fits easily in the jersey pocket or back.

Knog Ringmaster (Combo)- 1.2 or 2.2 metres, 450 grams 10mm ? Silicon coated braided steel with fibre core and crimped to a steel shackle in each end. The Locker weighs 300 grams and as a combination is a lower security highly flexible and portable solution.

Similar lock and cable combinations with the Whiplock and Fistmaster versions.

Knog PartyFrank – 26cm, 250 gram lock and 12mm ? Silicon coated braided steel with fibre core. Low range security, for short stops.

Knog Kabana – 74cm, 500 gram lock and 17mm ? Silicon coated braided steel with fibre core. Mid range security.

Knog Kransky – 88cm, 1kg lock and 22mm ? Silicon coated braided steel with fibre core, includes bike mount. Security a step above the Kabana.

Knog Strongman Hard Inside Ulock – Not yet in production though coming soon – silicon coated Ulock to better protect the bike frame.

Knog Strongman Hard Outside Ulock – Similar to the above, though with the inside offering silicon protected.

You should see the Knog locks pop up at your local bike shops in the next few months – and can check out the details on all locks and decide which colour you like the best on: www.knog.com.au

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