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Review: EuroOptic Burst cyclists sunglasses

EuroOptics make sports sunglasses that aim to combine functionality aim style. They present a range of cycling specific glasses with light adjusting lenses, I took on the EuroOptics Burst which features Grilamid TR90 lenses and rubber nose pads and temple tips for added comfort.

First Impressions

The Burst model comes in neat padded case which can be used to store and protect the lenses when not in use. Included is a nice silky, soft bag to pack the glasses in when storing inside the case and it also doubles and can be used cleaning for the lenses. The Burst comes with a range of lens colors to suit the differing weather conditions including smoke, orange, yellow and clear. And the lenses are all hard coated polycarbonate offering 100% UV protection.

EuroOptics Burst Sunglasses Case

Durability and Breakages

While reviewing these glasses I hit a hurdle early on. As I was changing lenses in the Burst glasses, the frame snapped. I had already read through the instructions on how to change the lenses and it was straight forward. For the first lense, pushing it down to remove the lense from the frame worked without issues, though changing out the second lense with the same motion caused the frame to snap.

After the break of the Burst frame, I was concerned about the fragility of the frames and took them to EuroOptics to test out. Now we don’t encourage you to go ahead and try to break your glasses, but we witnessed and tested ourselves the durability of several different frames, twisting and bending the frames and arms. The frames made from TR90 shouldn’t snap when changing out the lens the frames. Polycarbonate frames which aren’t as durable as TR90 still took some twisting and manipulation to brake.

To summerise, this was a one-off abnormality in our test glasses and this problem was not found in glasses. The positive aspect is that such issue would be automatically covered and the glasses replaced, plus the support I received from the importer Gibson Eyewear to resolve this was excellent.

The Burst in Practice

I trialled the Burst glasses for both training and racing rides and enjoyed the glasses for both. Under my helmet they performed flawlessly. The rubber nosepieces and temples were very comfortable and held onto the face well. The profile of the frame fitted my forehead quite closely. The Burst lenses are quickly replaceable so they can be used in different conditions. The lenses attenuated glare and at the same time they manage to improve contrast. Basically, you can see better with them than without them.

The frames don’t obscure the field of vision and the lenses don’t distort the vision, so you don’t even think about wearing them. The wrap around protects your eyes from road debris from all side so while testing I didn’t get any debris getting into my eyes.

EuroOptics Burst Sunglasses Case

Sweat and condensation can be a big problem for cyclists. with the Burst there were no problems of sweat streaking across the lenses however in the cold air, my lenses did fog up when not in motion. A few sunglasse models from EuroOptics come with anti-fog vents to stop this. Once you get going again the fog disappears.

All of the EuroOptics cycling glasses are light and unobtrusive. The Competitor, Burst and Metals are my favorite models and each are flexible to suit all riding conditions. The Metal in particular is stylish to wear out to the local caf? or beach.

EuroOptics Burst Sunglasses

The Verdict

The Burst glasses are a first class set of sunnies combining functionality and great looks. You’ll wonder how your eyes coped before you got a pair. At $79.95 RRP, they are attractively priced and cover all bases for a cyclist. 

Other EuroOptics models for cyclists

The range of EuroOptic sunglasses for cyclists include smoke or photochromoatic lenses options that adjust the shade of the lenses to suit the lighting conditions in about 10 seconds. The frames have sharp graphics with a solid construction and lightweight and comfortable.

EuroOptics Sunglasses Range

The Fire model is the sports frame glasses for prescription glass wearers with a removable optical clip though also accommodates a photochromatic lens.

The sporty and stylish Metals glasses suits riders who want to look good when out at the caf? after a race or training. The frame is made from Monel, a lightweight and strong nickel alloy.

EuroOptics Metals

The Multi Sport sunglasses features a casual and sporty design with a wrap around frame that you can wear running, riding or just relaxing. The Multi Sport includes polycarbonate sports lenses or Euros 7 layer Triacetate Polarized Lens that offer maximum glare elimination and 100% UV protection.

EuroOptics also produce a very stylish Trance model with an impact resistant polycarbonate sports lens in either a black frame with smoke lens or crystal grey frame and a smoke frame.
A glance at the EuroOptics eyewear reveals a range to suit cyclists at all performance levels; with great optical qualities and zero lens distortion, the design has been well thought out and in our trial they performed well.

EuroOptics sunglasses are distributed in Australia by Gibson Eyewear: gibsoneyewear.com.au

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