Review: RMGsports Electric Blue Women’s Kit

RMGsports is a cycle clothing label in the making. Headed by Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Rochelle Gilmore; she is the first to admit that she isn’t a designer. She has however, been able to convey her thoughts and ideas into a design that she was after, into an attractive cycling kit that is now available for both men and women.

The Jersey
The colour of the women’s jersey that I received can only be described as electric blue; I could sit in the sun and look at these colours all day. The jersey has the trademark name of RMG on the front and the back with the word velocista just below.

My first impressions where that it was a cool looking jersey that was neither overly feminine or overly masculine. As a woman, if you don’t want to look too girly on the bike but still want  a touch of sophistication, then this jersey ticks the boxes.

The primarily black full zip jersey has regular length sleeves and thankfully don’t have tight elastic that restricts the blood flow in your arms or waist plus it has 3 pockets at the back for your prized possessions.

The pockets are deceiving, from just a quick glance I thought they where smaller, but I managed to fit in; a protein bar, 2 x spare tube, 2 x CO2 canisters, CO2 adapter, 3 tyre levers, 3 gels, lip gloss and iPhone.

Bib Knicks
The electric blue colours are reprinted on the bib knicks and they make for an exciting design. For my first ride in the shorts I spent more time looking at the colours than I did at the road, its buyer beware in this case.

Everything stays in place with bib Knicks; you also have the added bonus that there are no lines or stripes so you have a slimmer look, which I love.

If you haven’t already been converted to bib Knicks, now is a good time to start. The leg on these bib knicks aren’t extremely short , which I know concerns a lot of women. I would consider them to be regular length or just above the knee.

The bib knicks fit very well and the chamois isn’t too thick or thin nor is it too large, which is great as a chamois that is two big can rub you in all the wrong places.

Rochelle’s experience in creating the RMGsports velocista cycling wear shows through, she knows what it its like to be in the saddle for many hours and this has translated very well.

The Verdict
Overall I like the package. I like that it isn’t too girly, and that it still has a really good feel to it, the fabrics are nice and it washes without any fuss. The fit is comfortable, the jersey sizing does lean more towards a race fit, go with your exact measurements and they will be just right.

Rochelle has a lot of other designs on her site so if electric blue isn’t your thing and you do like pink, then check out, there is something for everyone. I’ve even had a lot of positive comments from men, they would wear some of the kits.

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