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Review: Treadley Helmet Hats for Children

Can’t get your young child to wear their helmet? Enter the Treadley Helmet Hat. Problem solved.

In anticipation of this review I checked out the Treadley website and was looking forward to the arrival of the of Treadley helmet hats for our two and five year old daughters. The website said the Helmet Hats were funky, fun and easy to wear. Plus the design seemed to offer good sun protection and versatility to fit just about any helmet. But one major question kept popping up in my mind?

Will these hats be funky enough and child-friendly enough in the looks department for Miss Two and Miss Five year old to want to wear them?

As we all know, especially when it comes to helmets, it doesn’t matter how well designed and how practical the product is. The Look is what matters.  If it doesn’t capture the attention and the imagination of your precious offspring enough for them to want it and wear it, then you’ve lost.  It’s as simple as that.

Treadley Kids Helmet Covers

Take the Happy Meal for example. Eating everything in the box is not a child’s first thought. They want the toy. They want fun. And fun is what a happy meal means to them. So the Happy Meal, by design, conveniently makes your menu choice dead simple. You might prefer food that would provide them with more sustenance, but you’re at McDonalds. You want food and you want it fast. And the kids want fun. So, Happy Meal equals problem solver.

Getting to the Treadley Helmet Hat, this product turn your child’s helmet into a Happy Meal, you could say, a Happy Helmet. Your decision of whether to buy a Helmet Hat or not is dead simple.

Yes I found them practical, well made and a snap to fit. Yes, from my big-person perspective the designs look kid friendly and the materials look like they will last a long time. And yes, they definitely offer considerable sun protection for the face, ears and neck. But, for me, the most important box I needed ticked was the one beside the words ‘will my kids happily wear it’?

Well, I can report that my daughters absolutely love them. They’ve always been reasonably good with wearing their helmets, but since the Helmet Hats arrived we have had zero complaints. And I mean zero. None of the “if-you-don’t-wear-your-helmet-you-can’t-ride-your-bike” grown-up logic. Before, they HAD to wear their helmet. Now, they WANT to wear their helmet. The Helmet Hats have solved the helmet wearing problem very easily. A great idea, executed brilliantly.

Treadley Kids Helmet Covers

This gets me thinking, maybe Treadley should design some matching ‘Happy Straps’ – sleeves for child car seat belts. If I was two, or even five, buckling up with my racing car or spiderman themed car seat straps would be pretty cool. No more nagging from mum or dad.

Girls, boys and adult themed Treadley Helmet Hats can be purchased directly from www.treadley.com.au.  Prices range from $24.99 to $27.99, I’m sure you’ll find it will be money well spent.

Chris Carter runs mtbtips.com [broken site] which shares a host of helpful tips to improve your mountainbiking.

Chris Carter
Chris Carterhttp://www.mtbtips.com
runs mtbtips.com which shares a host of helpful tips to improve your mountainbiking.
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