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Book Review: Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

Racing Weight is a book by Matt Fitzgerald, however unlike many books of this genre, he writes specifically on weight loss with a view to achieving increased performance. As such, the techniques can be used by those who have a lot or only a little weight to lose.

Matt Fitzgerald is the senior editor for Triathlete magazine and a certified sports nutritionist. The book looks at the fundamentals of how weight affects performance (specific to each sport) and how to lose weight without sacrificing performance. It explains the effect different foods have on your body plus the effect of supplements, what the pros eat and contains practical recipes and exercises.

You will find helpful strategies and be armed with a comprehensive understanding of how your body works and what you’re doing to it when you eat certain food. For example, have you ever wondered what permanent changes happen when you put on a lot of fat even for a short period of time? Or why is the high-protein diet for increased muscle mass a myth?

The book includes great advice for designing a training program, Matt’s triathlon background really shows through. The book recommends “testing” yourself at different weights with a 20 minute time-trial to find your optimal weight (which incidentally would not be optimal for a hill climber).

At times, the writing style is a little odd and you might feel like you just can’t quite get inside Matt’s head. Nonetheless, it contains enough useful information and practical tools (not to mention recipes) to make it a worthwhile read.

Racing Weight is published by VeloPress (via Woodslane in Australia) and can be purchased and ordered through stores across Australia.

RRP $29,95

ISBN-10: 1934030511
ISBN-13: 978-1934030516

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