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Review: Stylish Pistard Work Pants for Cyclists

Even if a suit and tie is not part of your work dress-code, it pays to dress smart. The Pistard Bike Long Pants look like smart office pants, a nice classical cut and a shiny dark grey fabric that nicely matches a short sleeved collared shirt and leather shoes. For urban professionals who choose to commute by bike, these pants can be worn comfortably while riding so you get step off your bike and into the office with style.

It’s a not a good look when you get your office pants caught in the chain; the Pistard Bike Pants have a button fastener on the inside of the right leg that will keep the pants away from the chain. I am used to wearing a leg strap/clip and found this solution with the button very smart. No more forgetting the strap or clip, it is quick and easy to fasten or unfasten and it simply does its job well to keep the pants away from the chain.

Pistard Bike Long Pants

The seat/crotch of the pants has a little more material than a standard pair of slacks. This can’t be seen by others, so you don’t run the danger of drawing in strange looks, though it does give you more space in the crotch when riding makes them simply more comfortable to ride in.

Like jeans, these pants are comfortable to wear all day although a personal criticism is that they sit slightly higher on the waist than most jeans and as a close fitting pair of pants, it sometimes felt a bit tight sitting at the office desk.

The Pants in Action
On the bike, a tell-tale sign of an item that doesn’t fit perfectly is when it distracts me while riding, good cycling gear should be invisible. The Pistard pants however performed very well and though the waist was higher than I am used to, I was comfortable on the bike.

While riding, there is some movement of the pants around the knees when pedalling. They are not skin tight lycra pants so this is normal, importantly, there was no discomfort nor bunching up. I noticed that while working up a sweat riding in temperatures below 10 degrees, my legs were a little cool, the fabric doesn’t actively absorb sweat, however allows for air flow. In warmer weather, the breathable fabric is in this aspect an advantage.

Subtle Details
Pistard have put some thought into the fabric choice, it doesn’t absorb sweat which means it wont smell and as an added plus, the fabric has UV protection. Pistard are environmentally conscious in the production of the material and pants.

As a fan of deep pockets, the short front pockets in these pants were not accommodating. Riding, or seated at a desk with a wallet or mobile phone in the front pockets doesn’t work. The back pockets are big enough, though while riding it would be more comfortable transporting bigger items in your jacket, jersey pockets or bag.

Pistard Bike Long Pants

The Verdict
Overall, these are well made and good looking pants from Pistard who show that they understand the needs of cyclists while riding and presenting themself well at work. If you are a cyclist with a long commute and require a shower at the office, these pants are probably not for you. Instead if you have a short to medium ride to work or even need to run a few errands but want to look your best, these pants look good, perform well and will save you having to change.

The fine Italian quality and convenience does come at a price, though this is what you would expect from quality business wear. The Bike Long Pants retail for ?148, (approx. $205 Australian), plus shipping and can be ordered directly from Pistard online: www.pistard.cc

Pistard Bike Long Pants

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