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Bicycle Industries Australia Shopping Survey

Bicycle Industry Australia (BIA) is a member of the Fair Imports Alliance which is targeting, what they label as "abuse of the current $1000 low value GST threshold". Just as in many industries in Australia, there is concern over the growing trend of online overseas shopping where consumers bypass customs duty and GST for goods valued under A$1000.

GST / Duty savings are however just on part of a broader issue – in a quick poll in the Australian Cycling Forums, from 112 participants, 88% voted that an the additional 10% GST charge on their online purchases would not stop them from buying overseas. In my talks with Peter Bourke, the General Manager of Bicycle Industries Australia, he comments that GST is only one part of a broader issue and they are investigating the entire supply chain.

The BIA are conducting an online survey which looks at purchasing habits of Australian Consumers. The survey takes just a few minutes and asks for percentages spent in local bike shops compared with online plus the motivations and trends. 

You can participate in the survey here

The 2010 BNA Online Shopping Survey Results
In 2010 Bicycles Network Australia published results of a longer survey into spending habits and noted that from the survey participants, exactly half of the total spending of $3540/year on bikes and cycling gear was spent online.

The complete statistics are available together with an overview of the online shopping including helpful info and outline of the risks and benefits of shopping online compared with local bike shop purchases.

In addition, a detailed analysis of the statistics are included as well useful information for cycling trade interested in learning more about the trend and for competing successfully online.

To date the FREE report titled "The Ultimate Guide" has been downloaded over 6000 times. You can download it for free below.


Download The Ultimate Guide (480 Kb PDF)

Shopping for bicycles and cycling gear online

To discuss online shopping trends, in the Australia Cycling Forums there are a number of running discussions to exchange views and opinions.

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