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Visiting Cyclette – Velocouture for Women

Fashion icons Betty Page and Rita Hayworth have left a recognisable impression on Emma and Mindy who have launched a new brand Cyclette. The two fashion designers already run an established label with the charming name Millicent Darling, and as active cyclists in Sydney, the women’s cycling fashion brand Cyclette was born. Their initial plans were for a small collection though enthusiasm took over resulting in a large collection of womens cycling wear.

When you think of cycling wear, lycra and high-tech materials come to mind. While cycling is slowly becoming a serious form of transport in Australia, it is hard to imagine lycra becoming a standard dress-code in the office or at a retaurant in the evening. Cyclette is not about performance, rather it is about complementing and enhancing style while remaining practical when riding. It is truely V?locouture where cycling is both an aesthetic and practical part of a lifestyle.

Emma and Mindy of Cyclette

From their workshop in Darlinghurst, just off Oxford Street in Sydney, the spirit of the fourties, fifties and sixties are skillfully sown into cycling jackets, tops, shorts, pants, gloves, bags and even underwear for women. “Frock and Roll” perfectly describes the collection which doesn’t appear to be just cycling wear, attention to detail such as reflective strips and support in the right places mean the wear is well-suited to riding.

The collection is original, rather than looking at trends in Cycling Chic or the vintage revival Tweed Runs, the team at Cyclette have taken a more organic approach, drawing on their own sense of style and cycling experience. The collection is dominantly black and which with an occasional hint of red such as the lining of a cape or jacket. Polka Dots and Houndstooth (patterns) feature throughout the collection while bow ties provide a subtle accent.

Cyclette Momentum Hooded Cape
Momentum Hooded Cape

The highlights are the capes, in particular the Momementum hooded cape that can be combined with other tops, the Switch Back ‘sash bag’ for storing smaller items while riding and, of course, the Granny Flashers underwear (title image) which have a big read love heart on the backside and incorporate, as per Cyclette, “tongue in cheek technology”.

While this is an Australian brand, the cycling wear has a very international feel and these garments would appeal to women in Europe, America and Asia. What’s more, this isn’t a variation or after thought of a dominantly mens brand, Cyclette is made for and by women.

The Cyclette collection of women’s cycling friendly fashion wear can be viewed online: www.cyclette.com.au

Cyclette Rain Cape
Trackstar Hooded Rain Cape

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