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Australian Government Clarifies Ebike Import Laws

The Hon Catherine King MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, has announced an amendment to the definition of a power-assisted pedal cycle. Power-assisted bicycles with electric motors up to 250watts and a maximum speed of 25km/h that are compliant with European Standard (EN 15194) can now be imported into Australia.

Bicycle Industries Australia which represents many of the Australian importers welcomed this announcement that will provide consumers with a new generation of well priced and high quality power-assisted bicycles. The changes are expected to provide the opportunity for a people who have previously been unable or unwilling to ride a bicycle to get on and enjoy the benefits. Peter Bourke, General Manager of Bicycle Industries Australia said, the new range will be attractive to those who would like some level of assistance, whether that’s because of age, injury, fitness or those who just don’t want to get too hot on their ride to work. ‘When people are looking to save money, get out of the traffic and improve their health, these bikes will provide a very real alternative to driving a car.’

‘The expected increase in people riding will provide many community benefits, through individual health gains, independent mobility, cost savings from reduced transport costs, as well as savings on congestion and less impact on the environment,’ said Bourke

Main points of the new standard:
• Complements the existing standards
• Covers the needs of most users with a range starting at 40km for most batteries
• Power increase to 250W continuous rated power
• ‘Twist and go’ to 6kph allows easy take off from standing start

The bicycle industry is now looking to the states and territories to amend their laws and regulations to allow them to be used on Australian roads.

Source: Bicycle Industries Australia

Photo: German Winora S3 (Mionic XP HR-hubmotor 36 Volt, 250 Watt)

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