dhb Vaeon Roubaix Arm and Leg Warmers in review

It’s a classic irony that when the international pro-cycling season hits its full swing in July, early morning cycling conditions here in Australia are about at their worst. For some, this means hanging up the bike for a few weeks and staying up late instead.

This year Wiggle told me to “harden up” and provided a pair of dhb Vaeon arm and leg warmers so there would be no excuses. If you are on their website and looking for cycling wear, chances are that you will come across the dhb brand of gear that is cheaper than more well known brands and may catch your interest. dhb are a brand for the price conscious cyclist and though it isn’t advertised as such, is a “home brand” from Wiggle.

Both arm and leg warmers boast some neat feature; they are anatomically cut to follow the movement of your elbows and knees, have nice big gripper panels, and they have reflective details for early morning visibility. Overall, everything feels really well constructed; there’s great attention to detail on the seams and they fit and flex to your body perfectly. The fabric has a slightly brushed feel on the inside and a slick, aero finish on the outside.

Part of fitting well is staying in place and to this day the Vaeons have refused to slide down no matter how long the ride. I put this down partly to the well-designed arm and leg grippers, and partly to the anatomical shaping. Whereas simple “tube-shape” warmers bunch and pull each time you bend your arm or leg, this is not the case with the Vaeons.

There’s not much to dislike, really. In fact it shouldn’t be hard to get right and dhb have taken the time to make sure they did get it right. If anything, these aren’t the warmest arm/leg warmers I’ve worn, if only by a little bit. The trade-off, however is that I can wear them longer, even when the weather warms up; they never seem to get sweaty.

It’s hard not to make this sound like just a simple ad, but these arm/leg warmers really do hit the mark. If you’ve always gone for the sock-with-the-end-cut-off style, you really won’t be disappointed by upgrading. And at the moment, being $21.27 for the arm warmers and $24.63 for the leg warmers, they truly are great value.

If you’re looking to ride in sub-5 degree weather, you might try something a little thicker (or a jacket!) but otherwise, they’re perfect for cold mornings that get warmer quickly.


Link: dhb Vaeon Robaix Arm Warmers

Link: dhb Vaeon Robaix Leg Warmers

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dhb Vaeon Arm & Leg Warmers (RRP $ $21.27 - $24.63)

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One response to “dhb Vaeon Roubaix Arm and Leg Warmers in review”

  1. Ross says:

    I currently have a set of Medium size knee warmers in Netti brand but they have holes in them due to a crash so after reading this review decided to buy a pair of the DHB ones from Wiggle. I chose the same size but when they arrived and I tried them on they were fine on my upper leg but loose on the calves. I found if I pulled the botom of them up a bit so they were just below the knee they were better but still not as tight as I want (or as tight as Netti).

    Dissapointed too that the reflective DHB logo is only on one leg, the left leg, I would of preferred it on both.

    I did buy a pair of DHB arm warmers at the same time and the style and fit of these are great and the reflective logos (on both arms) seem to point out toward the traffic and stay there, rather than twist inwards where over the time of the ride they can’t be seen.