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How do the dhb Lightweight Cycling Socks Weigh Up?

Having received and tested various items of dhb cycling wear for review I’ve been generally impressed with their value for money. Today we’re looking at their lightweight cycling socks. You may wonder: “Why review a pair of socks?” It’s a fair question.

At around $9.50 for one pair, or $13.58 for two, these are actually some of the cheapest cycling specific socks I’ve personally come across. But, there’s a problem: they come from Wiggle in the UK, which makes it difficult to get up close and personal with them before you buy.

The pair I received was the blue, 8cm ankle length version. The material is very stretchy and, as you can see in the photo, it has an arch support section. I’ve always wondered why socks have this feature as I can’t understand what practical benefit it provides – but I still love it and it feels very comfortable.

I found the socks performed well with regard to wicking away sweat. One thing that I think contributes to this is the fact that the material is thick without being dense. In other words, it allows plenty of airflow through it.

These socks performed admirably – they did the job they were supposed to and they’re priced competitively; I’m suitably impressed. In fact, I’ve been seen more than once wearing these socks with my sneakers at the shops!

Fellow BNA reviewer, Christopher Jones, also has a few pairs (which he purchased) and comments “for the money, these are good socks, particularly if you find it hard to fork out $25 or more for one pair of cycling socks. They are far superior to generic supermarket sports socks and the colours on offer mean you can choose the ones that suit your kit, bike and colour preference.”

However,” he continues, “you will notice that while these are comfortable, more expensive socks are also noticably better in the way they fit your feet and they will take you to a higher level of comfort. The dhb’s may be a

Danny Beveridge
Danny Beveridge
is based in Brisbane and chooses his equipment for road cycling with great care.
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