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Quad Lock Deluxe Bike Mounting Kit for iPhones

With the number of cycling apps now available, iPhones are a serious alternative to cycle computers. Many cyclists take a phone with them anyway while riding, so why not let the phone do all the work? What’s needed to do the job properly is a secure and reliable mount.

The Quad Lock Deluxe Kit is an iPhone mounting system for bikes that includes a bike mount plus two wall mounts. We reported on the Quad Lock when it was part of the Kickstarter crowd funding portal and in January this project attracted double the funding required to make it a reality. Now we get to test the real product. In this article I’m concentrating on the bike mount, although the Quad Lock system provides versatility for mounting (with the other mounts using the same case) to flat surfaces such as walls or the car dashboard.

Quadlock Stem Mount

The Quad Lock Case
The supplied case was an excellent fit for both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. It will not fall off accidentally. In fact, the first few times you try it, you’ll find the Quad Lock case exhibits a strong desire to remain attached to your phone. I see this as a great endorsement for the quality of manufacture and expect that this will translate into excellent durability of the system.

The case also has a low profile and is therefore fairly well suited to permanent use. The hard plastic will protect the glass back and, unlike silicone covers, it allows you to slide your phone in and out of pockets easily. I mention this because one advantage of silicone/rubber based cases is their shock absorption properties. The solid Quad Lock case won’t provide that kind of protection, so it needs a trustworthy fit and a firm locking system.

Quadlock Handlebar Bike Mounting

The Mounting System
The Quad Lock bike mount can be attached to the stem by the supplied rubber O-rings (as shown above). On my bike I found this to be just slightly too loose for my preference and utilised zip-ties instead. Once firmly tightened, the whole system provided a very solid connection between phone and bike.

Attaching and removing the case from the mount could not be simpler or quicker. Push down, twist and it is locked in. The spring loaded locking mechanism seems impossible to open by accident. The supplied wall mount works just as quickly and easily, however it forgoes the spring loaded lock and the phone can be removed simply by twisting. I personally haven’t found a great use for the wall mounts, but I can’t imagine another method that would be simpler to use.

Quadlock Case

Other Thoughts
If you’re using your iPhone on a bike, you need to decide if the benefits are worth the risk of damage. In the event of a crash I can see my expensive iPhone being scratched, at best, or at worst destroyed. With the Quad Lock, the screen is not protected from the asphalt or the rain, which was a concern at times. There are other products on the market which provide a full plastic case, however the trade-off is usually a less secure and less elegant look.

Quadlock iPhone Button Access

Our concerns may soon be answered however, with the future release of the “Quad Lock Poncho” which is intended to provide both damage and rain protection. It should be worth a look.

The Verdict
This is not the cheapest bike mount you can buy, however to date I haven’t found one cheaper that matches the elegance and efficiency of the Quad Lock, at least not one that secures my phone so reassuringly. The Quad Lock cover is compact enough that you can leave it on your phone permanently. If you’re happy with having your phone a little exposed while riding, the system will do exactly what it’s supposed to do, quickly and quietly.

You can get the Quad Lock online for US$69.95 which includes free shipping to Australia.

Danny Beveridge
Danny Beveridge
is based in Brisbane and chooses his equipment for road cycling with great care.
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