Lance Armstrong Officially Confesses: “One Big Lie”

Lance Armstrong Oprah Doping

In an immense media buildup to worldwide interest Lance Armstrong has officially confessed to doping in his interview with Oprah Winfrey, including for the seven Tour de France Victories.

Finally the public has some satisfaction – satisfaction of a confirmation what everyone knew and what he was charged with. The interview kicked off with the questions of doping and without padding was direct.

Lance Armstrong: “The story and so bad and so toxic, and a lot of it is true.”

The padding and indecisiveness began later with questions on specific events such as doping in the tour bus while fans were outside and for most of the questions regarding other people or organisations.

Strangely, Armstrong says that he is “no fan of the UCI” which is unusual considering the backing of the UCI and that he ‘donated’ money to them which he says they asked for because they needed money.

Most revealing is the suggestion that he wouldn’t be sitting here today – confessing with Oprah if it hadn’t had been for the USADA case. Lets think about that, only because of the USADA case is he driven to confess and had otherwise no intention.

What he did confess to:
– Doping with EPO, Testosterone, Blood Doping
– Doping during all seven Tour de France wins
– Motoman
– The last time he doped was in 2005
– bullying (to an extent)
– The story regarding Emma O’Reilly and the backdating of cortisone

What he didn’t confess to:
– (Verbally) pressuring anyone to dope
– Firing anyone from his team for not doping
– Masterminding / Conspiracy
– UCI bribery
– Testing positive during the 2001 Tour de Suiss and coverup
– Betsy Andreu and the hospital accusations of doping admission to doctors (In the interview he says he wont discuss and suggested a deal has been made).

What he avoided:
– That Michelle Ferarri was involved “he was a good man”
– Generally talking about others

It is disturbing to see the smirks and attempts at jokes for example the bullying of Betsy Andreu, it is certainly not a joking matter. There is an aire of confidence in the way Armstrong addresses questions  which he wants to answer. Where Armstrong doesn’t have a direct answer he moves around and talks around the question – suggesting that we are not hearing the whole story.

Cycling fans who have followed this case want more detail and answers on specifics are left partially only partially satisfied – though Oprah Winfrey is still asking many of the questions “we” want answers to – even if clear answers are not forthcoming. Part two is likely to be less informative: “how did you feel when…?” His motivations for the interview and future will be asked though based on part one will unlikely escape the feeling of “self preservation”.

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2 responses to “Lance Armstrong Officially Confesses: “One Big Lie””

  1. Betsy Andreu has appeared on CNN after part one of the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah furious.

    “You owed it to me Lance and you dropped the ball. After what you’ve done to me, what you’ve done to my family and you couldn’t own up to it. And now we’re supposed to believe you? You have one chance at the truth, this is it

    If he’s not going to tell the truth, if he can’t say ‘yes the hospital room happened’ then how are we to believe everything else he’s saying?

    We’re already questioning him”

    If Lance suggests that a deal or agreement was made with Betsy Andreu and shortly after the live broadcast it is revealed that this is not the case then is it a lie? Did Lance Armstrong lie to Oprah (ie. the public)? – it was highly publicised as a ‘honest, no holds barred interview, no topics off-limits’.

    What would Betsy Andreu have to gain? perhaps closure and peace.

    What does Armstrong have to gain, considering he has already admitted to doping? He has already lied under oath – though would an admission to this have legal consequences. The legal implications for Armstrong are still to be revealed so is this (as already suggested) self-preservation…. is it self-preservation at the cost of complete honesty?

  2. […] The world knew that Armstrong had doped and it was up to Lance to confess which his did in the first part of his doping confession on Oprah: One Big Lie. While the doping confessions provides some closure, it was the questions that Lance Armstrong […]