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Aussie Cycling Leisurewear brand Cycology remixes BNA

The young Australian leisure wear brand Cycology have really taken off. In its simplest form they have high quality T-shirts printed with appealing graphics. Cyclogogy is run by Michael Tomchin and his prolific artistic partner, Sarina from Sydney and boasts a global audience.

When Michael launched the brand last year he reached out to Bicycles Network Australia and we have been in regular contact since. With the launch of new T-Shirts I wanted to look at a different approach than simply sharing the details – instead I asked for, and received the Cycology treatment on BNA, thanks for that, I love it.

If you head over to the Cycology facebook page, Sarina shares her artwork concepts on an almost daily basis and followers are asked “do you like it?” and “should we print it on a T-Shirt?” – this approach directly involves and engages the audience. When fans start getting Tattoos from the artwork then you are doing something right.

In my wardrobe I have a Cycology Road Warriors T-shirt, it is a heavier style fabric and a well-made T-shirt that is intended to age gracefully. In comparison, the popular US brand Teeshirts have severely dropped the quality of their T-Shirts of late – flimsy and don’t last the distance.

Lets take a look at the new Cycology T-shirts, both are winners and I would wear them – The Coffee Coalition and the FYXD which reminds me of Fyxomatosis / FYXO.

See more on their website: www.cycologygear.com

Cycology Coffee Coalition Cycling Cafe

FYXD Cycling Tee Tshirt Fixie

Christopher Jones
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