Cycology Jersey: you are what you wear!

Cycology Gear Jersey

The Australian cycle leisure wear company Cycology have a big international audience who have fallen in love with the fresh bike styles. Their venture into on-road gear (as opposed to leisure wear) has been a long process, despite overwhelming demand from their large fan base.

For Cycology it is the little things that make their brand so appealing, from sharing artwork with their facebook community to writing a personal note to every single customer. So creating the cycology jersey was more than ‘just’ getting a cool design printed, it was about the quality, the feel, and the details. A few weeks ago Cycology released their first jersey and I was one of the first to check it out.

Cycology premium cycling jersey


The black cycling jersey incorporates one of their original and most popular T-shirt designs, “Road Warriors”, which features the Cycology logo on the front and a striking cycling graphic on the back. At first look it appears straight forward, however this is a premium cycling jersey and attention has been given to the details. The jersey has a slim-fitting race cut, is lightweight, and feels fine to the touch. The body and side ventilation panels both use Italian fabric and there are a few special features that lift the overall quality; on the back the pockets have a reflective trim which increases visibility at night, and the inside hem is ‘power grip tape’ which is a broad 4 centimeter elastic hem which is grippy and stops the jersey from sliding up.

Road Warriors Cycling Australia

Cycology Road Warrior Cycling Jersey


This is a very breathable jersey, well suited for warm weather riding, and when the temperature drops you will quickly need a base-layer.

For $119.95, this isn’t the cheapest jersey on the market, but it delivers on value; it is very well made, I would say ‘styled’, so will probably make you feel as good as you look. It seems that Cycology are onto a winner as their first jersey is already a raging success.

Returning to the leisure wear, Cycology have also created some cold weather tops and their hoodie caught my eye. Far from being an average hoodie, they have again put thought into the details. It reminds me of a Billabong, Hurley, or Rip Curl surfer hoodie, but without the premium price tag. It sits comfortably at $99.

Cycology Hoodie


The Cycology hoody isn’t overly complicated; grey fleece with subtle black trimmings at the hem, cuffs, and along the zipper add style. This thick and heavy fleece hoody is extremely comfortable and cosy on those cool evenings and windy days. As leisure wear, it isn’t really suited for cycling, but could quickly become one of your favourites.

Cycology premium hoodie


In the T-Shirt department the portfolio of designs is regularly updated – it is all original artwork and there are plenty of variations to let you identify as a bike rider.

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About The Author

Christopher Jones is a recreational cyclist and runs a professional design business, Signale. As the driving force behind he has one of each 'types' of bicycles.

4 responses to “Cycology Jersey: you are what you wear!”

  1. Kaye Tonzing says:

    Why all black that’s a no brainer a cyclists needs to be seen for safety reasons the brighter colours can be seen. Already motorists say I didn’t see the cyclist. In my option the all black look is just plain dangerous.

  2. If you prefer brighter colours or yellow or orange fluro for visibility then there are plenty of brands that do this.

  3. Tim Hardy says:

    Chris -good to another company making cycling gear and it looks great -at leisure.
    But as a regular road cyclist and doctor I have to agree with Kaye. Why are road colours (“bitumen black” and “line marking white”) so de riguer in cycling fashion?
    If cars could have invisible paint would we (cyclists) fight for banning it?
    At least Cycology could make the print/logo fluoro yellow.

  4. I ‘get’ visibility but also recognise that brands wont all conform – so where visibility is important, cyclists will opt for those options but others will make a conscious choice for cycle wear that appeals to them, be it cycology or Rapha or Assos or similar.

    Cycology are creating more jerseys, while I don’t expect fluro to be part of the mix, they may include some more visible colours. By all means, let them know that you want a more visible colour as they are very well engaged with their customers and the quality is top notch.