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Keep the Party Going with the Knog Combo Lock

For a while now, the focus of Knog has been on high powered bike lights, but they haven’t turned the lights off for their bike locks. The latest from the Australian design focused brand is a combo lock called the Party Combo. It isn’t a complicated lock, but it works and is fun.

The lock I reviewed was the lime green Party Combo and, like many Knog products, it has a smooth silicon coating available in a range of colours. The instructions for setting the combination were straight forward and the process was a breeze. The lock was nicely weighted, 287 grams according to my scales, and it’s pretty easy to transport by locking on the handlebars or in a bag; a mount is not required.

Like the Party Coil we previously reviewed, this is a temporary type of lock, the kind you would take when you go to the shops or to a cafe where your bike won’t be out of sight for too long. The Party Combo will help prevent “opportunity thieves” from stealing your bike, but it’s probably not the type of lock you’d use as a primary lock when leaving your bike unattended for long periods. For a job like that, you’d want the protection of a U-lock, such as Knog’s solid Bouncer or Strongman locks.

Lock Kids Bike

Secure Bike Lock


The Party Combo lock relies on a 5mm steel cable and a fibre core which makes it frustrating to cut. While bolt cutters will generally snap through chain links or braided steel with enough pressure, the fibre core crushes rather than cuts and takes much longer. The reality is that a persistent thief can still break through, but they may need more tools and take longer than standard braided cable locks.

Knog party combo bike lock

Knog silicon combination lock

Knog bicycle lock


Opening and closing this lock can be a little fiddly, but with a bit of movement and a bit of practice it becomes easier. After you’ve set the combination, write down your number somewhere that you can easily find it, for example on your smart phone. The benefit of not having an extra key on your key ring is worth it.

For $34.95 it is reasonably priced and is a fair few steps up from the “dental floss” combination locks you find in department and hardware stores. If you want an everyday, temporary style bike lock, and one that’s fun with an aesthetic, it will be one of the nicer additions to your cycling gear. It’s the perfect lock to get for kids as well. Details for the Knog Party Combo Bike Lock >


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