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Photos and Highlights from Day 1 of Eurobike

The big brands have usually already announced the biggest innovations for the coming year, they have to in order to get the bike shops stocked with next years bikes and gear. Eurobike is often the first change for dealers to see the new gear in the flesh and is always good for some fresh surprises and telling you what the next big trends will be.

Alexander Weishaupt is attending Eurobike for BNA and shares the visual highlights from day 1 of Eurobike. You can also see a few impressions of the 2014 Eurobike Demo Day which preceeds the main event. And pictured as the title image is a beautifully finished front hub from the German Bombtrack Bicycle Company who specialise in hubs a cogs.

Scarpa Italian Road Bikes
Any relation to the fabulous Italian brand with trekking boots? (we will investigate). I love my Scarpa’s and could love this as well.

Rude Project Cycling Sunglasses
Next seasons trend in cycling eyewear from Rudy Project – will you wear them?

Reven Radklamoten
Mysterious Reven Radklamotten – more details to follow

Sexy Spanish Polo & Bike which is available across Europe and Asia… Australia next?

Passion Cycling
In the days of old this is how dreams of pro cycling were made

Orlieb Velotraum
Ortlieb show off their pannier bags on a fatbike by the name of Velotraum (Cycling Dream)

Ortlieb Pannier Urban Line
High-tech ortlieb take a steep into to the world of classic cycling style

Orbea 2015 Road Bikes
Orbea has just announced their 2015 range – and the range has style

Italian Gaerne Cycling Shoes
Italian Gaerne Cycling Shoes

Innovative Bicycle Helmet
A mash-up of the classic and the modern in this unique cycling helmet

Great Curves Bicycles
Impressions of the show – Beautiful curves

Giro Laces Shoes Helmet
Giro with unique lace-up cycling shoes and matching helmet

Giro Alpine Enduro Cycling Shoes
Giro Alpine Enduro Cycling Shoes for real adventurers

Fatbike Tire Rim 45North Kuroshiro
A new style in fatbike rims, Kuroshiro rims with 45North tires

Eurobike Cipollini Road Bikes
You would expect nothing less than flamboyant from the Italian superstar Cipollini

Cipollini Camouflage Road Bike
Do you recall the fantastic skinsuits of Cipollini, here is a ‘look at me’ camouflage race bike

Conway Ebike Mountian Bike Bosch
E-bikes are booking and this, especially in Germany with Conway actively pushing their E-bike for Mountain Bike with Bosch motor

Cinelli Cyclocross
Is it love, yes it is. Cinelli never fail to be legendary

Cinelli Bike Style
And some more Cinelli love… I love what they do.

Canyon Bikes Australia
Value for money, top quality, Cadel Evans rode a few, but still not officially available for Aussies.

AX Lightness Carbon Fibre Bike Seats
Ax Lightness present contemporary carbon fiber bike seats – a nice look




Thanks once again to Alexander Weishaupt who is on the ground for BNA and has photographed a fantastic selection highlights.

Christopher Jones
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Christopher Jones is a recreational cyclist and runs a design agency, Signale. As the driving force behind Bicycles.net.au he has one of each 'types' of bicycles.
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