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Review: Nixey Cycles range of locks and floor pumps

A new player, Nixey Cycles, has appeared in the marketplace with a range of locks and floor pumps. Nixey are based in Erskineville, which is practically the center of everything new and trendy in Sydney. The general feel and design of the locks and cables appears a cut above the typical mass-produced or supermarket locking hardware, but they’re only a small step above this level in their pricing. Nixey Cycles sent Bicycles Network Australia a selection of locks and floor pumps to review.

Nixey Cycles began in Australia in 2012 after the founder, Ye Xin, returned from an overseas work trip and recognised that bike transport is the logical alternative with the high cost of motorised transport. In addition to the locks and pumps we’re looking at, they have a range of functional urban men’s and women’s bicycles plus a range of accessories which focus on being good value for money.


Combination U-lock (RRP $25)
Like most u-locks, this lock is pretty big and it’s not light.  The PVC rubber coating should do a good job to protect your frame from inadvertent scratching.  You can set the combination to your choice of four digits before use. I managed to fit it around frame, rear wheel, and bike rack without a problem.  Those with QR front wheels might have to take the wheel off and lock it to the rest in the popular manner.

It does mount fairly easily, though once mounted you might have to trim the long plastic tabs on the frame mount, as they are likely to touch your legs.  Otherwise, it is relatively unobtrusive.  The mount feels secure, providing you clip it the right way up, and is not liable to fall off while riding.

Nixe Bike Ulock


Combination cable lock with mount (RRP $18)
Somewhat lighter than the U-lock, this would be the next best choice for people who always lock their bike somewhere.  This is a settable combination lock with a good length of PVC-coated cable between ends.

The holder is easy to mount, but with that said, I don’t know I’d trust this mount 100% to retain the lock if things got a little bumpy.  The way the lock body clicks into the mount didn’t inspire full confidence.  The mounting screws are long, and you might find you need to cut them off once you put it in place.

Combination Bike Lock

Nixe Combination Lock


Combination cable lock (RRP $15)
This is a neatly detailed short cable with a settable combination lock.  This lock feels too big for a pocket, but has no sharp edges to catch in your bag.  The lock body is very neatly finished, and the combination easily read.  Not too heavy, with a very similar PVC-coated cable to the Combination Cable Lock, this would be a good choice for leaving looped around the seat post ‘just in case’.  It’s not long, so back wheel and frame only is all you’re going to be able to secure with this one.

Nixe Combination Locks
Combination lock with mount [left] and combination cable lock [right]


Lock cable (RRP $12.50 – 1.2m / $15 – 2.4m)
This is the most basic security solution, a cable with looped ends available in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths.  All parts are PVC coated, so there’s no sharp cable ends or crimps to scratch up your ride.  Supply your own lock of choice (I use a keyed padlock) and secure your bike.  The 1.2m length gives you enough length to lock a bike to a pole thorough at least one wheel, maybe even both if you can park close enough.  The 2.4m option may be useful for locking multiple bikes to a trailer or caravan if you’re travelling, but would be overkill for around town.

Nixe Cable Locks


NXP-32 track pump (RRP $22) / Bicycle pump NXP-38 (RRP $22)
The smaller 32mm model and larger 38mm model are very similar.  The narrow bore of the 32mm model might look feeble, but the body is tall, and both pumps have plenty of travel to inflate to 120PSI with ease.  The hoses are nice and long and clip to the pump when they’re sitting idle.  The gauges are marked with a red zone from 100PSI, which is clear from 6 feet up.  The numbers are small, but you can set the indicator pointer to anywhere on the dial.  The indicator pointer was difficult to rotate to the preferred position as you have to unscrew the gauge ring to do so.  Set and forget it once, or do away with it altogether, and it shouldn’t worry you at this price point.  The gauge compared within a few PSI to my current pump, so accuracy is good for the price.  Stability during operation was good, with the wide plastic base giving plenty of foot-space to steady things, and the wide handles give a good grip.

Nixe Cycles Bike Pump

Bike Pump Tyre Pressure

The dual-valve head fits presta or schraeder vales, and the locking lever feels sturdy.  There is a set of ball needles included with the pump, so sporting equipment, fitness balls, and mattresses are taken care of with similar ease.

The first NXP-38 that was supplied had a faulty gauge, which was dealt with promptly by Nixey via their support contact. Rather than indicating that I was reviewing for Bicycles Network Australia, I approached Nixey Cycles as an everyday customer and while it didn’t take long for them to connect the dots, they were quick off the mark and customer friendly.

The pumps compare to offerings from the more widely known mid-level suppliers with stable, easy to use qualities that won’t break the bank.


Nixey are not delivering ground breaking security or stunning design, instead they are just good value for money. The accessories are a bit nicer and a bit better than similarly priced pumps and locks. Take a look at their range online: nixeycles.com.au

James Hutchison
James Hutchison
is a road rider, a social rider (is there such a genre as serious social?) and cycle commuter.
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