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Super Designer, Philippe Starke with a vision of future cycling

At Eurobike, French superstar designer Philippe Starke launched the M.A.S.S themed collection with Moustache Bikes to cater to Mud, Asphalt, Sand and Snow. The collection includes e-bikes and accessories including helmets, backpacks, gloves, eyewear and tires. The bikes are custom designed e-bikes with Bosch drive and a fatbike style.

The M.A.S.S range was launched at Eurobike with a focus on ‘tailor-made’ and an environmentally ethical and sustainable ethos. The helmets are the read head tuner and have been created in collaboration with Giro from California. The helmet liner is cork and was selected because of “excellent impact energy management”, water resistance and its anti-microbial properties as well as the environmental advantage of sustainable harvesting. The aluminium shell can be easily recycled (but will easily be a collectable).

Let’s hear from Phillipe Stark about his love of cycling: “Apart from the jubilation caused by physical activity, the primary endpoint of cycling is the perception of fairness and balance. Cycling is one of man’s most powerful accessories. It offers almost endless possibilities with a minimum of material. The bicycle is on the path of dematerialization, which is a symptom of our civilization.”

Philippe Starke Mass Moustache Bikes
Philippe Stark MASS Range Accessories

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