Highlights from Eurobike 2015 [photos – part two]

Rehau bike design manufacture

Following on from part one of our 2015 Eurobike coverage, the highlights from the worlds biggest bike show are too big for one page so this is part two with more highlights spotted by our man on the floor, Alexander Weishaupt. 

Tune re4mer carbon fiber saddle
A stunning, and original saddle by Tune, the Re4mer weights 87 grams.

Tube Wheelsets
Of course, tune hubs are the bread and butter

Tune Disc Wheel
Pine tree delicious tube hub (disc)

Token Zenith Wheel
Top of the line Token Zenith racing wheelset

Token Prime Wheel
Fast and robust Token Prime wheelset – C45

Stevens Cyclocross
Stevens are a well established German brand, though they have made it to Australia they managed to stay under the radar

Handcrafted Hilite Frame
This handcrafted carbon fiber frame from hilite weighs 600 grams

Feska Rocket Track Bike
Festka from the Czech Republic have it going on with their bike design

Feska Mauri Roadbike
The Festka Mauri would be something Mario Cipollini would ride (if he didn’t have his own brand)

Feska Enve Road Bike
Another stunning Festka with Enve wheels

Rehau bike design manufacture
This is the highlight of Eurobike 2015 – while it may appear to be unusual, Rehau are a big German automotive supplier, specialising in plastic-casting exterior parts. Their groundbreaking innovation is using ‘composite materials’ and the ability to cost-effectively manufacture in Germany with the new production techniques.

THM Carbones Penny Farthing
Carbon fiber specialist THM Carbones has a penny farthing eyecatcher

THM Carbones Penny Farthing BASF
The carbon fiber penny farthing with blue tyres was created in  collaboration with BASF

Hai Bike emtb
The e-bike integration is continuing to evolve, haibike are noteworthy

New Supernova bike lights
SuperNova continue their legacy of gorgeous bicycle light design

Eurobean Cycling Baskets
This is how we roll in Europe… with style and with our Basil bicycle panniers full to the brim

Basil Pannier Bags
A closer look at the Basil panniers which help you individualise your ride

Electra Flower Bike
Electra – This is the dawning of the age of aquarious

Electra Dutch Bicycle
More electra vintage style throw-backs.

Bicycles Beach Bad Bike Sidecar
Now everyone will want a side-car on their bike.

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