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TeleHex Rethinks the Bare Necessities of Bike Repair

An everyday cyclist, the commuting or sports cyclist relies on a small arsenal of gear for those ‘just in case’ moments. You never know when you will get a puncture or have a mechanical problem, and repairing the bike yourself is a far better solution than reaching shamefully to the mobile phone to get someone to pick you up.

The majority of bike problems can be resolved with a few simple items; spare tyre, tyre levers, a pump and maybe a patch kit. Though you are more likely to have a puncture than any other problem on your well maintained bike, most other mechanical issues which you may experience out on the road can be fixed with the right sized Allen key, the 6-sided hex. Peter Wen of Toronto, Canada has reinvented this tool and created a simple and compact Allen key combination called the TeleHex.

Peter Wen telehex
Peter Wen of TeleHex in Toronto

The idea for the ‘hassle free’ (and patent pending) tool is the ‘One Size Fits All’ approach and this tool fits 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex bolts – simply open the tool, insert the tool and it will fit. For the rider it is about convenience, particularly for those recurring problem of loosening bolts, the TeleHex can make it a lot easier.

Comparison Telehex allekey parktool
Comparison between the TeleHex and the Parktool with 7 Allen key sizes


While this is a clever solution, I prefer to take two additional tools, a chain breaker and a phillips head screwdriver to adjust the limit screws on the from and rear derailleur. I admit that these virtually never see any action, but on those very rare occasions when you do need one of these tools, they can get you out of trouble. For the Telehex, it is too much to for swiss army knife functionality, but successful products often evolve and it would be interesting to see if an improved and simplified compact chain breaker can be integrated.

Lezyne Multi Tool
My Lezyne multi-tool with chain breaker, phillips head with some other bits I don’t need

Lezyne Multi-tool-cycling
The Lezyne multi-tool is relatively compact, but a little heavy


The Telehex, with it’s 40 gram and the 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex tools, provides you with an attractive ‘bare necessities’ tool.

I haven’t yet had a Telehex in my hands but do have an observation regarding the bolt and screw used to fasten the tool (which is also the ‘pivot’ for movable hex part). It bulkier than it needs to be and in the saddle-bag or jersey pocket, it is one more thing sticking out. Surely it would be possible to sink the screw and bolt and create a sleeker tool.

Protruding bolt
Photo magnified to show the bolting mechanism of the TeleHex


For everyday cycling, the Telehex appears to be a nice replacement to a multi-tool and can help you resolve the most common problems. As with many new and innovative products, the TeleHex took to on Kickstarter to raise funds for production and was successfully funded this month. You can take a look and signup to order when they go intro production: telehex.ca


TeleHex and Peter Wen Photo supplied

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