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Innovative Blaze Burner Bike Light Tops Kickstarter Goal

Following the success of the Blaze Laser Light, the newest design from UK designer Emily Brooke is the rear bike light called the Burner which has already captured the interest of cyclists globally. Again the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform has been used to launch the Burner rear bike light and this campaign is now in its final days, already topping the £35,000 funding goal four times over. 

Blaze are providing a special deal for BNA readers who are keen to pre-order the £39 Blaze Burner. After ordering your Burner via Kickstarter, you can sign up for the Free Blaze T-shirt (valued at £20) here.

Following our review of the Blaze Laser Light, I am anticipating the Burner to also be a premium quality bike light. It comes with two two notable features, a light sensor which turns it on when the light is low and a robust magnetic mounting attachment which is an innovative solution. Most bike lights need to be taken off the bike for recharging which either means you have an extra steps ‘un-mounting’ or leads to wear-and-tear over time for the convenient silicon strap style mounts.

Pre-rders for the Blaze Burner close in two days so take a look. If this is a light for you, don’t forget the BNA deal to register for your free T-Shirt. View the Blaze Burner on Kickstarter.

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