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Ride into 2016 with Style – Australian Cycling Jersey Trends

Everyone can ride a bike, but not everyone can ride with style. The colours and the flamboyance of pro-cycling teams and hot brand has always been attractive to cycling fans. But cycling style no longer is dependent on your favourite cycling team; hundreds of cycle-wear brands across the globe have escaped the limitations of sponsor emblazoned team-kit and are creating exciting and original new styles.

For our selection of hot styles to take you into the new year, we are sticking to Australian only brands. Some of the brands have low production volumes and their limited edition kit quickly sells out. Some of these brands boast a growing global customer base, cyclists who keen for particularly original kit and the Australian flare.

The brands included in this selection have a broad colour range and I have narrowed it to the trending colours for this seasons, blues and blacks. Don;’t forget, real style is also about matching your bike, helmets, socks, gloves and sunglasses for that super-cool look so check out the other colour variations.

Before starting, do you want the good news, or the bad news? Let’s start with the good news, most of these brands also have a a good selection of women’s kit and sometimes unique styles just for women so certainly worth browsing. The bad news is that brands who have limited production sell out very quickly, two jerseys featured here are no longer available… it pays to stay tuned to the brands you like.


Volero – Cruz Jersey Midnight $165

Volero Cruz jersey Midnight Volero Cycling Jersey Volero Australian Cycling

Melburnians and brothers Joe and Matt are graphic designs who have have combined their skills and cycling passion to create Volero, a cycling range which features distinct colours and lines but also subtle enhancements. On their dark Cruz Jersey Midnight with blue chest and arm strips on black, the sleeves have a light pattern to lend the jersey the air of exclusivity.

Details: Cruz Jersey Midnight


Pedal Mafia – Racing Range Aqua Jersey $120

Pedal mafia Cycling jersey Aqua

Pedal mafia Cycling jersey Racing Range

From the Racing Range series of jerseys, this is a form fitting, moisture wicking jersey in brilliant cyan with subtle black racing stripes across the chest and sleeves. It’s bright and clear, just like a cloudless summers day.

Details: Racing Range Aqua Jersey


Cycology – Spin Doctors Jersey – $99.95

Cycology Spin Doctor Jersey

Cycology Gear are a truely unique Australian brand who have loyal fans across the globe who love the brilliant illustrated styles created by Sydney-sider Sarina, the artists and cyclist behind the brand. The Spin Doctors jersey reflects unfiltered its wearer and the straight black and white is an easy match for the rest of your cycling gear and bike.

Details: Spin Doctor Cycling Jersey


Pedla – Full Gas Aero Ridecamo [ B ] Jersey $176

Pedla Full Gas Camo Cycling Jersey

Pedla Cycling JerseyThe Pedla cycling jersey design range from simple elegance to 3D style camouflage and this combines it all. While this jersey doesn’t feature blue, (the pedla range uses every colour bar blue), it is distinctive and modern. This jersey is also likely to divide cyclists into those that love it, and those that hate it. I choose love!

Details: Full Gas Aero Ridecamo [ B ] Jersey


MAAP – Sash Jersey $180

Maap Australian Cycling Jersey

Maap Sash Cycling Jersey

The Sash jersey comes in a dark grey with royal blue sash, this version with the almost bianchi celeste (the minty signature colour for the Bianchi brand) and signal red sash is visual feast. Sure, it is harder to colour match with your bike and gear, but will leave a lasting impression if you get this euro-cool look to work.

Details: Sash Jersey


Babici – Sabores Azul Jersey $195

Babici Sobores Azul Jersey

Cycling Jersey Zipper

Babici founder, Kev Babakian of Sydney, creates bespoke cycling kit design and his range is bold, dipping into Japanese illustration at times. Sobores Azul provokes images of the rich blue South American ocean, the dominantly blue jersey features cryptic graphics alongside the zipper, fine attention to detail and extra long sleeves.

Details: Sobores Azul Jersey


Find Your Freedom – Signature Series Jersey $99.95

Find Your Freedom Signature Jersey

Brisbane based brand, Find Your Freedom have a compact range of cycling wear. The Signature Series Jersey is a straight-forward, classic style jersey with the bold FYF emblem and reminds me of the type of jersey which an olympic or commonwealth cycling team would wear racing.

Details: Signature Series Jersey


Black Sheep – Blue Cormo (Kit) $350 Sold Out

Black Sheep Cycling Kit

Black Sheep Blue Cormo Cycling Kit

While the chances to get the Blue Cormo is probably nil, but this is a brand to watch out for. This Blue Cormo kit is from season one and Black Sheep are now up to season five – which is also sold out. Most of the designs really pop-out, but the Blue Cormo is complete reduced leaving the cheeky brand emblem as the focal point.

Details: Blue Cormo Cycling Kit


4Shaw – Men’s Suisse Navy Bibs $200 Sold Out

4Shaw Suisse Navy Bibs

The Suisse Navy jersey from 4Shaw has just gone out of stock while writing, I was attracted to this because of the abstract graphic design and mysterious dark blue. Until new kits arrives at 4Shaw, there is a delicious selection of vibrant cycling socks.

More: 4Shaw Cycling Gear


Do you have a favourite (Australian) jersey or kit for this season?


All images were supplied by the respective brand.

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