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Bike and Gear Highlights from Germany’s Eurobike – Day 4

Eurobike 2017 draws to a close after four days, the final day is open to the public. That means that some of the brands have packed up and left, some are brands that only deal with business and some are brands that have no patience to deal with the flood of families and seniors who insist on touching everything and pinching everything that isn’t fastened.

2017 is the last public-day, the show organisers are adjusting the format next year to concentrate only on trade. This has always been the core of Eurobike, a consolidated event for brands, distributers and bike shops to connect.

2017 saw a healthy host of younger brands presenting their wares along with scores of Asian companies filling small booths on the lookout for distribution partners. You will also spot hasty reps’ from Chinese factories who all of the other exhibitors with a suitcase of samples in tow (and sometimes even their wife and kids as well) on the lookout for a lucky chance.

Because of the sheer scale of the fairground, on the fourth day of Eurobike I was still spotting interesting products and allowed time to delve deeper into product development with brands such as Giro, Ergon, Park Tools and Tired… The photo series has highlights from day four of Eurobike. Stay tuned for even more products and information from Eurobike over the following weeks.

The title picture are the new Giro Xnetic knitted shows. Water repellant, design to be as stiff as regular shows and far more breathable.

The new Garmin Edge 1030 was so popular that it was hard to even get close for photos.

giro helmet cutaway cross section
The Giro vanquish aero helmet features two styrofoam shells of different density (inside softer, outside harder) as well as MIPs (yellow) safety-net system.

ergon womens ergonomic-saddle
Ergon have a women’s saddle designed after two years of research to identify the ergonmics to create the right support and comfort for women who road race.

shimano womens cycling show rp5w
New Shimano RP5W women’s shoe

shimano mens cycling show rp9
The new mens Shimano RP9 cycling shoes provide bold heel support.

shimano dura ace cranks cutaway cross section
Under the covers of the Shimano Dura-Ace crank…. that is what it looks like!

pro team bike merida bahrain
Eye candy with the Merida Bahrain Pro Team bike

tred road bike italy
Side view of the aluminium T’red road bike…. check out the next photo

italy tred frame
Detail of the T’red road bike, extravagant styling for an individual look

selle esse wooden saddle
Walnut (wooden) saddle from Selle Esse which is bonded to a plastic based for the seat rail support. Very hard without any flex, but beautiful.

john park tools
John from Park Tool explained that following Eurobike the team evaluate 100 new tool ideas and during the year will narrow this to about 20 which go into production.

park tools bottom bracket tools
Park tool provide a lot of Bottom Bracket tools but acknowledge that with so many different standards, it can be hard to cover every single variation.

zipp firecrest 650b tubular
Zipp firecrest tubular 650b wheels for more clearance to allow larger tyres.

bad bike sidecar
Italian brand Bad Bike have a super cool side-bike for the beach cruiser.

e bike steam punk
Spanish brand Rayvolt with ebike (rear hub) and a super sweet design and super sweet leather helmet and goggles.

industrial bike washing machine
A big bike washing machine…. wonder how all of the bearings will fare.

empty stand eurobike
A few stands were completely deserted for public day.

eurobike crowds
Getting from place to place was a challenge with the swarms of people.

eurobike party
A left-over from the Friday night parties, some cheeky character modified the Gore display mannequin


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