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KASK Helmets are Sky Rocketing to New Heights in Australia

Helmets are a hot topic in Australia right now but sports cycling is a different beast – faster speeds for road cyclists and off-road terrain for mountain bikers create the conditions where most cyclists automatically reach for a helmet without the need for a law. Not to mention, the helmet is an essential part of the sports cyclist wardrobe just likes sunnies, the lycra cycling kit and cleats. And this is exactly where Italian brand KASK fit in, their Protour sponsorship of the successful Team Sky and distinct styling has sent the popularity of KASK helmets sky rocketing.

Australia has become an important market for KASK and with the growing demand, the brand have parted-ways with distributor Italiatech and moved the complete distribution, marketing and events into KASK Australia. Did you know that KASK are big in ski, equestrian and safety helmets? Cycling is the final segment and KASK Australia now looks after all division along with their young sunglasses brand KOO.

Coinciding with the structural change, the KASK helmet line-up changes for the coming season. The Infinity ‘aero’ and Protone ‘aerated’ helmets remain at the top of the line and will be joined by the new Valegro which Team Sky riders have been wearing in the Grand Tours. The Valegro is all about even more air and by adding this also takes on a less edgy appearance. The Australian versions of helmets can change slightly to their European counterparts as the AS/NZS 2063:2008 standards testing necessitate production changes (such a styrofoam density) in some cases and for the Valegro, the design is likely to be identical but the 215g (size S) may be slightly higher for the Australia edition.

kask valegro concept helmet
Kask Valegro for more air through your hair

The Vertigo 2.0 helmet is being dropped from the line-up but the ever-popular and more ‘accessibly priced’ mojito remains in the lineup.

The Infinity aero helmet is now joined by a teardrop Time Trial / Triathlon helmet called the Mistral. To suit individual riding position and preferences there is a short tail and a long tail version available. Both have the clever magnetic lens system which allows the lenses to be detached and set on the upper part of the helmet.

kask bambino pro mistral aero

Kask Track / TT Helmet Lineup
Mistral – New (December) Price TBD
Bambino Pro $479 + Visor ($70 – $100)

kask infinity protone helmetskask valegro mojito helmets

Kask Road Cycling Helmet Lineup
Infinity (Aero Style) $359 RRP
Protone $389 RRP
Valegro – NEW (March/April 2018) Price TBD
Mojito $239 RRP (Matt $249 RRP)
Rapido $129 RRP

kask rapido rex helmets

Kask MTB Helmet Lineup
– Rex $329 RRP


A Perfect Match with KOO

To match your helmet you need a matching pair of sunnies… right? The original KOO OPEN sunglasses are now accompanied by the OPEN CUBE. It has the same delightful adjustable arms which are designed to fit well with the helmet, of course they recommend a KASK helmet. The ‘full frame’ is remove which leaves the bottom the the sunnies free and gives an overall ‘sporty’ look. The original KOO Open and the new Open CUBE retail for $300 RRP.

koo open cube sunglasses comparison

koo open cube sunglasses
KOO Open Cube from Eurobike

KASK Australia said they will continue to look after current dealers and focus on fast delivery and after sales support as well as reaching out to new dealers. Under the KASK Australia umbrella they are increasing stock and availability and also starting ‘grass roots’ activities such as events and demo-days to connect directly with cyclists.


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