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Review: Pedla AeroLux Cycling Jersey and Team SuperFit Bib Knicks with Elastic Interface

One of the high-flyers in cycling-wear is Pedla, a Melbourne brand who present as a cycling lifestyle brand who are not simply pedalling cycling kit. If Apple are more than just phones and computers, Pedla go beyond the obligatory ‘premium performance’ buzzword and tap deeper into the soul of cycling. The brand portrays a cycling mindset… and this is attractive for a lot of bike riders. Thankfully Pedla back this up with well designed and made cycling kit that lives up to expectations on the bike.

Since the Pedla started around 2013/14, the eye-popping designs have softened over time and the signature Pedla dots have moved into the spotlight. The current range still provides riders with a lot of choice between loud cycling kits, going incognito and something in-between.

pedla packaging
pedla signature dots

For review on Bicycles Network Australia, the Italian chamois brand Elastic Interface encouraged me to test out their new chamois and the Australian Pedla cycling-wear was recommended. Co-founder, Justin Abraham suggested the Team SuperFIT G+ bib knicks ($320) which use the Elastic Interface – Road Performance Space Chamois (from Italian brand Cytech).

To complete the cycling kit, I selected the Core / AeroLUXE jersey in British Racing Green ($195 RRP), very much guided by the colours and design. Should I brave the bright orange Core / Aero Jersey, could I tame one of the wilder RideCamo designs? The elegance and timelessness of the British racing green was too convincing to overlook.

pedla cycling kit test
australian cycling kit review

Added to the mix were Lightweight / Black Socks ($28) with, dare I say, the cutest little dots lining the front and back. These socks are really a great demonstration of how good graphic design can maximise minimalism.

Pedla Sizing

The recommended kit sizings on the Pedla sizing charts were topsy turvy compared with my ‘goto’ sizes for cycling kit. I find size XL knicks and a size L jersey tend to work best… but each brand is different and so I first check the sizing charts and when in doubt, I ask.

Based on the sizing chart I was a size L for the Team SuperFIT bib knicks and size XL for the Core / AeroLUXE jersey and I confirmed this with Pedla before locking this in.

australian cycling jersey zip
pedla aerolux training jersey review

Were the sizing suggestion accurate?
The provided size L knicks felt quite snug when I slipped them on (not compression-wear tight) so upsizing could have been an option though while riding I should stress that they were perfect and I didn’t have second thoughts about the fit.

The jersey was a (relaxed) comfort fit, the length was fairly good for me so I was very happy with this sizing. I feel that I could have easily worn a size L as well.

It worth highlighting that the fit was appropriate to the garments; the Team SuperFit knicks are performance style cycling knicks while the AeroLux jersey is for comfort.


The manufacturing and material partners for Pedla are openly disclosed on their website and I was anticipating that with the Italian and Swiss fabric suppliers that the cycle wear would be European-made. As a rule of thumb, most cycle wear is made in China or Eastern Europe and the clothing tag confirmed these are Made In China. It is refreshing that the quality is spot-on and this clearly differentiates itself from the cheap and nasty.

pedla cycling jersey review
cycling jersey made in china
pedla cycling jersey quality
the pedla cycling wear test

Cycling Jersey Details
The jersey incorporates three different fabric types, the sides appear more breathable while the arms are more elastic. The narrow collar is lined with type of sweat bead on the inside. This is the second cycling jersey I have worn with this and I really like this. The arms have no grippers and simply don’t need them though the hem at the bottom incorporates the (trademark) yellow elastic/silicon gripper. The stitching is neat and tidy throughout and I like the small details with yellow Pedla tag and the reflective tag on the back pocket.

pedla signature cycling jersey gripper

The 3 pack pockets are well sized, neither too small or large, and elastic at the top will help prevent bulky contents escaping too easily.

cycling jersey pockets

Less obvious details include the SPF 50+ protection of the fabric and comparatively long arms which I personally prefer over cycling jerseys with short arms. The rear pockets are described as ‘reinforced’ and rather that a single stitch separating each pocket, broader flatlock stitching was used. The British Racing Green jersey is relatively opaque which I prefer in contrast to the Pedla jerseys with more translucent fabrics.

Bib Knicks Detail
The bib knicks have an interesting construction, a little difficult to attempt to describe clearly except to say that the panels and parts in the shorts appear to have a more ergonomic cut to better suit the movement of the body. On the inside of the cuffs there is a generous 8cm wide silicon gripper is printed directly onto the fabric which is a stylish and clean solution.

pedla team superfit bib knicks silicon gripper

Overlock stitching has been used to sew all of the panels in the knicks. Some brands use flatlock stitching in knicks for better rider comfort however while riding I didn’t experience any issues. The white mesh brace use a light and breathable fabric and the edges are stitched with elastic.

pedla superfit bib knicks review
bike knicks sewing

With the extremely grippy silicon grippers in the legs, I needed a bit more patience to get the knicks on, but after conquering this step, the comfort of the Pedla Team SuperFIT G+ knicks both on and on the bike is excellent.

endurance cycling bib knicks pdla

Elastic Interface Chamois

The red Elastic Interface – Road Performance Space chamois is stitched into the knicks on the edges and extends well towards the front covering the complete crotch… for comfort and privacy.

cycling knicks eit carbonium chamois review

The chamois have four distinct parts. Firstly, the entire chamois is lined with comparatively thin and soft foam. Closer to the saddle area, the chamois height increases by about 5mm and you can feel that it is also soft foam. If you look closely, this elevated area sometimes has a steep taper and sometimes a gentle taper – for example, where the legs move against the saddle, the taper is gentle.

eleastic interface chamois review

Closer to where the sit bones are positioned and most of your body weight is transferred to the bike saddle, the chamois height increases and a denser foam is used. And finally, the elastic red material on top holds the entire chamois together and has two narrow grey strips with a felt-like material. The entire chamois is split left / right allowing for a gap in the middle. The more you inspect the padding, the more small details you notice.

summer cycling kit

In practice, these are chamois that become more comfortable the further I ride. The extended crotch area increases the padding as well as warmth up-front, at times I needed to adjust. If I am racing in the dropbars position and my body moves forward and my pelvis rotates, this increases the pressure / padding around the perineum and can slow the blood circulation and cause numbness. For this reason I prefer less padding up front, but this is also highly dependent on the choice of saddle and riding position and style of riding.


Directly out of the packing, these lovely socks unfortunately had a loose thread – something that Pedla would immediately rectify for customers. A lot of brands don’t make socks because they are simply difficult to do well, and these were no exception.

cycling socks fraying

Optically, these are winners. As mentioned previously, the dots are such a simple but effect design that ties these cycling socks in well with the rest of the kit. When you put them on (left and right are marked) you also need to ensure that the dots are perfectly lined up and are not twisted to get the right look. The socks are fairly light with different sections of different elasticity to nicely fit your feet. As a result, the were very comfortable riding and in this respect, are good cycling socks.

quality cycling socks
pedla cycling socks review

For all good cycling wear, I always take care to use wash bags to protect the gear along with choosing the right washing machine settings and right detergent. Despite all of this effort, the socks started to show signs of wear after only a few wears/washes with the white coloured threads fraying which is a bit disappointing. As much as I appreciate the design and the challenges creating a good pair of cycling socks, for $28 I am not satisfied with the ageing of the socks after only half a dozen rides and washes.

cycling socks washing
Cycling socks unexpectedly showing early signs of wear

Looking good, riding well.

‘Performance’ is the big buzzword for cycle wear brands and this has encouraged a trend of lighter, thinner and tighter cycle-wear. I was expecting that the Core / AeroLUX jersey would follow this trend and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very comfortable jersey, suited to friendly bunch riding or long distance solo tours. Pedla confirmed that this jersey is intended as a training jersey without bells and whistles – designed to be robust and go the distance. For my type of riding it is light and breathable and is far from being ‘just’ a training jersey.

pedla racing kit

In contrast to the jersey, the Team / SuperFIT G bib knicks sit closer and are more racey. Riders seeking a more relaxing fit should consider sizing up. The Pedla jersey and knicks are a perfect visual combination so if the Delorean time machine appeared before me, I would probably choose the size XL bib knicks to match the relaxed size XL the AeroLux jersey.

Of course if you are anywhere near Melbourne, go over the the Pedla show room in Collingwood and try the kit.

I am accustomed to wearing a base layer all year round for moisture wicking so when I trialled the Pedla jersey and knicks on a warm day without a base layer, they were not as comfortable. This is hardly a criticism however and really a personal preference. It is also a good opportunity to mention that the Pedla base layers look particularly smart and would be an obvious match. As some of the other jerseys are a little bit see-through, wearing a base-layer is a better look.

Let’s talk about price

This is the elephant in the room, the elephant that generates a lot of attention when it comes to the price tag for premium cycling gear. The Pedla Core / AeroLUX jersey and the Team SuperFIT G+ bib knicks together cost $515 and there is no arguing, it is a lot money. At this price point, it is not option for some cyclists, other riders will need to put themselves on a strict savings program while a few riders out there tend to wear a new kit to match their new bike every other weekend. Each to their own.

If the kit is for you, the materials and construction is excellent, plus you get a very distinctly designed cycle-wear that will make you look and feel good. Die-hard cyclists tend to gravitate towards premium knicks for long-distance comfort, Assos are one of the favourites and they are a brand who make no excuses for $500+ knicks. Sure, it would be nice when the pricing was more accessible, but there are plenty of brands out there who sell cheap, entry level and mid-range cycling kit.

Summing Up Pedla

pedla aerolux cycling jersey review

The Pedla present their brand beautifully; cool people with cool kit in cool locations. But it is not just show, the cycling lifestyle is backed-up by well constructed cycle-wear. The Team SuperFIT G+ bib knicks and Core / AeroLUXE jersey tested for Bicycles Network Australia are top notch for comfort and performance. The end-result is that they are enjoyable to wear and particularly for long distance cycling, the knicks take saddle pain and discomfort out of the equation.

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Update 27.08.2019 – Amended the product name for the chamois

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