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Eurobike Highlights and Game-Changing Carbon Fiber Printed Bike Frames

Do you remember the first time that you came into contact with a new concept, an idea or a service that eventually changed the world? Perhaps the new presentation of the 3D printed carbon fiber bike is the pivotal moment which defines the starting point of a change to how and where bikes are made. If 3D Carbon Fiber bike printing establishes itself, then frame could be mass produced in any nation.

This edition shares (photos) bicycle highlights from day two of the 2019 Eurobike trade showands begins with the revolutionary Arevo 3D printed bicycle frame.

Bill Stephens and the 3D printed bike frame

Prominent American bike designer Bill Stephens is regularly engaged by well-known bike brands to design new bike models, but when Arevo approached him, the groundrules changed. Arevo are a high-tech supplier of 3D printed parts for the Aerospace and medical industries. The idea of making a bike was intended to create a bridge for their technology to the consumers.

3D printing is still in its’ infancy and the idea of 3D printing carbon fiber raises a lot of questions and challenges. Suffice to say, with a carbon fiber filament, a complete bicycle frame with the right stiffness and flexibility has now been successfully prototyped by Bill Stephens for Arevo and this year. The production of the 3D printed carbon fiber frames for US ebike brand Emery is about to start.

In contrast to the manually intensive and time consuming production of carbon fiber frames, the 3D printed alternative allows previously unobtainable customisation but also identical reproduction of a specific frame design. The carbon fiber strands are printed and under pressure are immediately cured. An identical frame can, for example, be printed with different properties in different parts such as stiffness or compliance to suit riders individual preferences.

emery 3d printed carbon fiber ebike

Beyond the ability to print a single frame or 100 identical frames, the technology is in its infancy. But it introduces the opportunity to shift frame production locally. Rather investing in expensive and time consuming tooling, a local 3D printer could print any bike to spec.

Bianchi have an aggressive and progressively designed eMTB lineup called e-SUV with beautifully integrated front and rear lighting.

Brake Force One is essentially a consultant for European ebike brand and this bike is a collaboration with Volvo which uses the Marhle ebike hub drive motor. But this is not a bike… no pedalling is required. And though it isn’t a really bike, it has the appeal of a concept bike.

Cane Creek cis an be insider-tip for savvy cyclists. The limited edition ee brakes called El Real go beyond function and into aesthetics with the anodised aluminium parts.

This is not a weirdly named German town, Douche Bags are a range of cycling backpads and bike bags .

The premium Factor eRoadBike uses a rear hub motor from Mahle and is just one of many, many eroad-bikes presented at the show.

The most popular Bamboo bike brand in Germay is My Boo and the ebike compatible frame opens new possibilities.

Cargo bikes are a growing trend and the Johnny Loco brand introduces a vintage look and feel across their entire range.

The young French brand Motion has questioned MTB suspension, particularly the reduction of travel when braking. The Motion fork was design to cancelled out the loss of travel while braking.

Now on Kickstarter, raijn is the full-body rain suit to keep you dry in the worst weather.

Some bike products only leave unanswered questions such as, do riders need an inflatable vest for cycling and why does the model look so unhappy?

Knog are now returning to the rounded forms from its’ silicon heritage with the brand new PLUG bike lights.

The Austian turbolito inner tubes are smaller and lighter than regular innertubes. Despite the price-tag, the orgnge tubes are now availble for most wheel sizes and types and are proving themself popular as a replacement innertube.

Stay tuned to the 2019 Eurobike coverage on Bicycles Network Australia.

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