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Eurobike Highlights and Technical Finesse

At a glance, the eMTBs are dominating at Eurobike while a second and third look are necessary to conform the validity of new bike products. In this short article we share some photo highlights from the third day of Euribike 2019.

On the left is a regular bearing while the right has an injected plastic (from SKF) which is 30% plastic and allows 70% oil – the results is that the SKF bearing is significantly more water and corrosion resistant. Brands such as Cane Creek would choose an SKF bearing for longevity.

The Milkit bottle is unassuming but for tubeless tyres eliminates the requirement for a compressor by delivering the rapid pressure to seat tubeless tyres.

Maybe your Shimano hoods are worn or maybe they are too hard or too soft. The Japanese Shakes provide soft (grippy) and hard hoods for your Shimano groupsets.

The big announcement from Germin is not cycle computers and tech, rather than cycle computers…. and with this a trend away from cycle computers towards simple watches for tracking your sporting performance.

The French aivee truing stand is beautiful, new and right at home on the kitchen bench.

The assymetrical frame on the new Scapin MTBs are unusual, but we are told it works.

Chris Sugoi is the Niner founder and for Gravel are introducing suspension.

The Saris platform allowing more natural body posture and position.

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