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Review: trimm One – the Cycling GPS that almost could!

The trimm One launched on Kickstarter in December 2018 as “the new paradigm of cycling computers” and raised €102,309 from 360 backers. The delivery of the finished product to the original backers took longer than planned and was completed in January 2020. When I got my hands on the trimm One GPS bike computer, at first glance it was indeed stepping up to fulfil ‘the new paradigm’ tagline.

The new cycling computer has an elegant design with a whole lot of promising features, including a small solar charging panel. For bike riders it wants to be a promisingly simple and powerful companion app. The big question is… does this Kickstarter product live up to the hype and promises?

Class and a half design!

When you open the packaging, the head-unit is almost beautiful – from the classy aluminium housing, sleek profile, magnetic charge port and a display (at 43 x 67mm) that fills 55% of the available housing (the Wahoo Bolt fills a measly 44%). It is nearly half the thickness compared to the Bolt and has great readability due to the sharp 200dpi LCD screen. Those dimensions means it fits neatly between the Wahoo Bolt/Garmin 530 and the Garmin 1030 units. It looks like someone cared a lot about the way the unit looks and it is simply a classy unit. At a suggested RRP of A$470, it should be classy.

trimm bike computer review

Once powered up, it found, identified and connected with my Power Meter and Heart Rate Monitor without problem. The test unit had some software bugs that were solved quickly with updates. I noticed that some of the metrics were off a bit, I used it without the speed sensor and relied on the GPS signal alone (to estimate speed). Speed and calculated data fields like TSS (Training Stress Score) were way off – still some work to do.

trimm one screenshots
Trimm App Data on the Smart Phone

Full of ‘clever’ but missing some key features

My current cycle computer is the Wahoo Bolt and I had doubt that there would be a better cycling companion app. The trimm has outdone Wahoo with a really smooth and easily-to-use interface and great multilingual support on the unit.

The neat small solar panel helps extend the battery life which is great news for bike-packers and cycle tourers. Topping it off is a really neat extra, the magnetic charge cable. It is MUCH better than the ubiquitous micro USB.

trimme one recharging

Like many of cycle computers, the trimm One can use a smart phone for phone call and text message notifications and through to managing all of the trimm settings via the phone app.

trimm one bike computer interface
trimm App Settings on the Smart Phone
trimm one bike navigation
trimm App Navigation on the Smart Phone

But the classy design, great screen size and functional handlebar mount (using the Garmin ¼ turn) doesn’t make up for some key functionality that should be there for the price. You can upload your ride to Strava after your tour, but it’s a manual upload and no other platforms are supported. Whilst there is navigation capability (via the Phone app) to guide you on a predetermined route, it’s limited to 28 measly way points. Also not being able to have a ‘street map’ on the head-unit (on App only) is also a miss, especially with the clarity and size of screen! This is simply insufficient even though the turn by turn graphics on the trimm head-unit clear and highly legible.

trimm one cycling computer navigation

The other big miss is not being able to load routes from other sources such as RWGPS, Komoot etc. For me this is an absolute must-have for any cycle computer.

Almost a “New Paradigm”

The trimm One is a promising unit at a premium price. It’s the best looking unit I have seen by a country mile with some great features and ease of use that is class leading. The missing features detailed above, particularly accuracy and navigation are potentially easy fixes, but until they resolved, the trimm One simply cannot complete with cheaper units like the Garmin 520/Wahoo Bolt on functionality, despite the screen size and style.

trimm one bike computer review

At this stage, my overall rating for this bike product reflects that it is not yet fledged. Once the trimm is updated, this would give the GPS cycling computer a big boost. Although on value for money it is not cheap so still faces plenty of strong competition.

Website: trimm.bike
KickStarter trimm One Bike Computer

Michael Bachmann
Michael Bachmann
is a recreational cyclist that with an extensive background in Mechanical/Manufacturing engineering, and hence have a habitual need/desire to embrace "reasoned innovation". He loves being different, hence his bikes; the Volagi Liscio2 and Cinelli Nuovo SuperCorsa.
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The trimm One is a promising GPS cycle computer with great looks and an intuitive interface. But it is not yet fully fledged in so falls behind other establish brands on must-have functionality... but could be there soon. Review: trimm One - the Cycling GPS that almost could!