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Raceware Exposure Trace & Ayup Light Mounts – 3D Printed Goodness

The rise of 3D Printing technology has been a boon for many industries, and cyclists haven’t missed out either. Along with a seemingly never ending array of standards for just about every bike component, lights are not immune to this standards frenzy.

Raceware Direct is supplier who are using the 3D Printing technology to the full and make and array of mounting solutions for a variety of cycle computers, lights and even some Titanium products. After some close calls and a new bike, I needed some new mounting solutions for my lights; the Exposure Trace for my roadie, and the Ayups on my Gravel bike. The Raceware Direct mounts for these lights are distributed locally by Full Beam Australia, and were fitted to the GoPro adaptor on the F3 Form Mount (also distributed by Full Beam).

Raceware Exposure Trace GoPro Mount

This tiny mount is suitable to affix Exposure Trace, TraceR (the rear version of the Trace) and Flare bike lights. The Exposure Trace is a brilliant front light that is compact and ideally suited to be mounted under the F3 computer mount. Using the GoPro style mount to attach to the F3, the Raceware unit is a rather simple ¾ moon style open clip.

form mount
The form mount GoPro adapter (left) and the Racewear GroPro mount (right) with Exposure Trace Bike Light
formmount installation
Changing over the ‘out-front’ form mount

Being a simple design doesn’t always mean that it is good. The firmness of the clamp, the thickness of the key elements, appropriate strengthening webs to ensure a long life and overall design can be a tricky challenge to ensure a great product. But Raceware, an English firm established in 2012, appear to be up to the challenge and it is miles ahead of the cheap and nasty Alibaba gear.

Mounted and in Action!
Weighing in at absolutely nothing, well actually probably about 5g (didn’t weigh it as I wanted to get it straight on the bike), it secures well to the F3 mount, and once tightened, holds it’s angle well. The saddle clamp holds the light quite firm, and requires quite a shove to get it mounted. Whilst it takes a decent force to snap in place, it also means that the Trace light isn’t going anywhere.

bike mount review
Complete setup with light and GPS Cycle Computer

Aside from the quality and design in this mount, the best aspect of this mount, is that when installed in it’s position under the F3 Mount, it doesn’t interfere with my vision, especially on those dark unlit streets. Often, when lights have enhanced side visibility like the Exposure Trace does, it can cause a distraction for the rider. With this mount design, the light is fully hidden below the mount from the riders view.

This is a small but efficient light mount, though at $24.90 it isn’t cheap. There is no argument there. But is is also like a specialist tool for a specialist job and at the end of the day, it looks great, holds the Trace light in a tight grip and gets on with the job.

Raceware Ayup GoPro mount

Ayups have been around since 2007, and when I started gravel riding, it didn’t take long to want to tackle the local trails in the Adelaide Hills at night. The original handlebar mount that is part of the Ayup kit is functional at best, bulky and when teamed with dropbars, gets tangled with the gear and brake cables.

Raceware again steps up to the plate with a simple and elegant design to mount the lights directly under the F3 mount via the GoPro bracket. As with the Exposure Trace mount, the design is simple, elegant and purposeful. The cut-out for the power cable has plenty of clearance to allow angle changes or poitioning options pending on the mounting attachment, and the clamping force is more than adequate given the light weight of the Ayup lights. The Raceware design also incorporates the lugs to utilise the Ayup mounting band for additional security. I had several trail rides over rocky single track, and the lights held firm.

auyup gravel mount

As with the Exposure Trace mount, there is little to say that’s any different with the Ayup mount. Again, it is small, efficient light mount, and is more expensive at $39.90. It however solves the problem of getting the Ayups mounted such that they are out of the tangle of cables and allow them to do their job of lighting the way ahead without fuss.

Info and Purchasing from Full Beam Australia:
Raceware 3D Printed GoPro/Exposure Light Mount
Raceware 3D Printed Ayup GoPro Mount

Michael Bachmann
Michael Bachmann
is a recreational cyclist that with an extensive background in Mechanical/Manufacturing engineering, and hence have a habitual need/desire to embrace "reasoned innovation". He loves being different, hence his bikes; the Volagi Liscio2 and Cinelli Nuovo SuperCorsa.
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It is hard to overlook the pricetag but these specialist mounts from UK business Raceware solve specialist problems and do it very well.Raceware Exposure Trace & Ayup Light Mounts – 3D Printed Goodness