Which bicycle bell is best? Testing Knog, Spurcycle, Crane and more


If you can get a bike bell for $2, why would you spend $70 for a dingaling? A bicycle bell is not just a bicycle bell and on BNA I have lined up eight different bells and put them to the test to discover why bike bells can cost so little, and so much and what you should look for in a your next bike bell.

In the line-up we have cheap bells from $2 rubbish bells and common $5 cateye bells, a classic bell from the 1930’s (for comparison), the Japanese Crane Suzu, a few different variations of the the Australian knog Oi! and the American Spurcycle bell.

The video takes a quick look at the details of each bell plus there is a decibel and frequency test of each bell indoors and outdoors to provide an impression of the tone and volume…. and thus effectiveness.

One detail not noted in the video are ‘fake’ bells – so watch out for the cheap and nasty Chinese rip-offs as those also have a reputation for also failing.