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Patrocleat TT22 – The world’s fastest pedal launched at Eurobike

Patrocleat founder Niels Erikstrup is an accomplished individual. The ex-Danish Royal Guard soldier moved into engineering and is the founder and CEO of a Swiss medical specialist business. He is also a 2x Ironman finisher, ultra distance MTBer and has developed custom cleat solutions which are used by bike fitters worldwide. Mind you, Erikstrup has a strong entrepreneurial and his product development business Fionia AG hints that he is involved in many more endeavours.

The TT22 was released at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. Inside a section reserved for young, innovative brands, this pedal is pitched as the world’s fastest pedal. A bold claim, though Erikstrup affirms that these pedals are aimed towards Triathlon and Time Trial. To prove this claim, the TT22 aerodynamic properties show lower drag compared to other pedals (based on their internal testing). The pedals also have a very low 9mm stack height and low weight of 74g per pedal and 9g per cleat which puts the TT22 ahead of the Look KEO.

Niels Erikstrup patrocleat tt20 cleats

A closer look at the pedals reveals a 3D printed form (I am not sure if these were just the testing and presentation models). The small cleats are walkable and it was nice to see Phillips head bolts used (rather than hex bolts). The pedals create a large contact area with the shoe which is an advantage when it comes to power transfer, in particular for Tri and TT where consistent high-power output is crucial. These pedals are a new product development for Patrocleat who have produced cleat adapters that allow regular cleats to be set-back and feature a broader contact platform all with the motto of ‘less pain, more comfort’.

patrocleat tt20 clipin
patrocleat tt2 click

The titanium axles are almost obligatory to show that these are a premium solution. They also help to explain the €249 price tag which puts these ahead of most (but not all) of the pedals by Look, Shimano, Speedplay and Crank Brothers. My impression was it was good quality and solid pedal / cleat. They feel simple and uncomplicated and have a natural fit with the niche audience of cyclists who are pushing their performance gains in every way possible. Although they are not seeking to challenge the major pedal brands, I can see that the TT22 pedals will easily bridge the gap to a broader audience.

patrocleat tt20 spindle
patrocleat tt20 cleats aerodynamic

Clipping in is tough, Erikstrup recommends that customs spend half an hour to learn and practice. Like any cleat system, it takes time to become familiar with them and the TT22 clip-in position is a bit harder to locate than conventional pedals. Clipping out is easy, like other systems, heel out and you can disengage.

patrocleat tt20 fast aerodynamic pedals

The Patrocleat TT22 pedals were presented at Eurobike inside the Innovators section and will be available to purchase in September 2022.

These new pedals are a natural extension of existing Patrocleats business, adapters for all pedal systems that allow the cleat position/fit to be adjusted (set back) and provide a larger foot contact area. Bike fitters tend to hold stock of and in Australia the fitters are Neill’s Bike Fit (Fortitude Valley, Qld) and Custom Bike Fit (Peregian Springs, Qld).

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