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reTyre – the bicycle tyre power-up for winter cycling

The photo reveals everything – zip on a new tread on top of your tyres to power-up your traction for off-road and icy winter cycling. True… in Australia snow and ice is not something that many people face while riding a bike … but in Scandinavia and in Norway, the birthplace of reTyre, these zip-on treads can transform the commuter bike into and all-seasons commuter bike.

Threadbo, Perisher, Falls Creek, Hotham and Mount Buller are among just a handful of locations in Australia that attract people to wintery conditions. There are just a handful of places where studded tyres might be able to help out if you wanted to cycle about town, including the days when snow gets a bit deeper.

What about downhill and cross country mountain biking? The reTyre solution is not intended for radical sports – rather it is a solution for cycle commuters and travellers who face seasonal snow and ice. And it is convenient to add on the grippy tread to handle these conditions more easily. Considering Australia is not really offering these conditions to a majority of the people, the reTyre solution has a fairly limited audience. But it is pretty cool product that solves a problem I have faced with winter commutes in Europe.

winter retyre sleeve studded tyres

The tyres feature a sewn zipper that is permanently attached to the tyre. When winter comes, zipping-on the treaded tyre is a fast installation so it is easy to put it on and off to match the conditions. The zipper locks the tread into place so it won’t simply unzip while riding. And at the join/gap there treaded tyre that goes on top of the regular tyre includes reinforcements and will give a seamless ride.

One of the things that fascinated me most when seeing the reTyre presented at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt is that it can also be used for wheelchairs. For people who rely on wheelchairs, this is a modification that requires no extra help so it makes it easier to transition across to unsealed and rougher surfaces. For this case the treaded tyre rather than the studded tyre can be used.

Please note, there was not a single joke or pun about retirement in this article!

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