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Review: Scicon Aeroshade and Aerowing Cycling Sunnies

When you buy cycling sunnies, you need to ask these four questions;
1. Are the lenses good,
2. do they have the right lens type,
3. do they fit, and
4. do they look good?

I can already tell you that in my experience, the Scicon the lenses are good, like Oakley and ALBA optics. High prices don’t automatically equal high quality and there are a few well known brands that I steer clear of because 1, 2 and 3 are also important.

The problem with poor lenses is that your eyes and brain do a good job of correcting these flaws. Distortion in the lenses and inconsistent magnification can be virtually invisible to the naked eye, unless you are looking for them. When wearing bad sunnies, it is a matter of time before I start getting a headache and notice my eyes are fatigued. I started doing a few quick tests when handed a pair of sunnies and could usually tell the good from the bad.

Lens quality is a fundamental requirement, the other questions I need to ask regarding the lens type, the fit and the look have a lot to do with preference so will differ from person to person.

pro cyclists sunnies

For the pros, the team supplier for sunglasses usually have a variety of styles available. Most riders in the World Tour wear the super large, single lens style sunnies. These look good, they match the current ideal of a ‘pro look’, but there are also a few practical benefits for these sunnies. Smaller format glasses reduce the peripheral field of view. Glancing your eyes down at the data on the bike computer is easier than tilting your head every time. The big lenses often provide better protection from wind and make it harder for wind to slip through and tickle your eyes.

Style aside, choose a lens suitable for your riding conditions and make sure they fit comfortably. Let’s look at the Scicon Aeroshade and Aerowings

Aeroshade Kunken Monogram

The printed logo is an eye catcher and is completely see-through. I thought the branding opportunities were really interesting when this was released and assumed other brands would have quickly followed suit, though this has not yet been the case.

scicon kunken sunglasses review
scicon kunken review
sunglasses nose piece

The angular design gives me 80’s throwback vibes but is still a modern design. The air gaps at the top of the lenses are smart and work well to help prevent fogging. On the left and right sides there are also vents, I can’t really say they have a purpose but they don’t distract either. The arms are sleek and initially feel comfortable – but as a full-plastic piece (with rubber on the ends) they can’t be bent or adjusted – I would prefer a looser fit.

I like the look, however the fit was a problem for me, the nose piece just doesn’t fit. Even though the nose piece is adjustable, my nose and face didn’t give me a suitable fit until I entirely removed the rubber nose piece. I could then comfortably wear them and the Scicon Kunkens have been an easy ‘goto’ sunglasses for all conditions.

Worn with a helmet they fit my face well and there is a good gap between the glasses and my Kask helmet. The photochromatic lens works very well and adjusts seamlessly for riding in bright and dark conditions.

Aerowing Lamon

The design of the Aerowing Lamon’s are a contrast, the curvy style and an extremely wide cutaway around the nose is hard to miss. Many of the traits of these are similar to the Kunken’s such as the lens coverage, the arms and anti-fogging. It is a single lens though the construction connects the nose piece with the bridge of the frame.

scicon aerowing lamon review
scicon lamon review
aerowing sunglasses review

The fit around the nose is notably wider than the Kunkens so was a better fit though the Scicon models appear to be better suited to people with narrower noses. The nose piece allows for some adjustments, but it felt like it was just not enough. The Scicon Aerotech sunnies I have reviewed previously provided the most natural fit.

Styling is a personal preference and in my case, I liked the gold foil colour but never warmed up to the massive cutaway around the nose.

Aeroshade Kunken, Aerowing Lamon or the Aerowatt?

If Kunken or Lamon are not quite perfect, do I have to try the aerowatt? In terms of the design it appears to be complex. I am confident the lens quality is good and there are a good range of lens options. Even though they check some of the boxes, ultimately it comes down to trying them on to see if they fit well and give me that winning look.

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