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About Bike Safe

The Bike Safe community group is a registered, not for profit association that has been started by local cyclists to improve bicycle safety on the roads in response to recent cycling deaths and assaults on cyclists by motorists within the Geelong Region. To actively pursue programs which will improve on-road cycling safety. This will help existing cyclists, as well as encouraging increased participation in cycling and improve traffic conditions for both cyclists and motorists. As a result, the whole community will benefit from the increased economic, health, and environmental flow on effects. Selected programs will: 1. Identify and encourage ongoing implementation of urgently needed road maintenance on existing bike lanes and designated shoulders used by cyclists 2. Encourage investment in bike lanes on key arterial, regional and urban roads in the Geelong Region, in accordance with established Austroads and VicRoads standards 3. Facilitate and implement public awareness campaigns designed to promote safer road behaviour by both cyclists and motorists, both resident and visiting.